Workplace Wellness: Are You Happy On The Job?

Happier people are healthier people — and job satisfaction has a signficant impact on happiness.  Among other traits, the happiest among us are those who own their own businesses, according to the Gallup Healthways Well-Being Index.  Simply put, toss your boss — but retain your income — and you might just be on the path to true happiness.

Last fall, a Forbes article, “The Ten Happiest Jobs,” found that the people who reported the highest job satisfaction were those who help others and find meaning in their work: clergy members, firefighters, physical therapists, authors, teachers, artists, and psychologists.  A Wall Street Journal article by Leslie Kwoh, “Hazard of the Trade: Banker’s Health,” discusses the workplace-related afflictions of investment bankers. Despite high pay and on-the-job perks, the investment bankers reported a slew of health problems from stress.  Although job satisfaction increases — slightly — with salary, even the highest pay can’t make up for meaningless work.

The good news: Your job satisfaction is likely to increase as you age. 

Do you think that’s because people get used to jobs they hate?  Or is it because, as people age, they gravitate closer to what’s most important to them, and seek out jobs they love?


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