Declutter Your Home & Mind: The Story of Stuff

Throughout the year, you’ve probably acquired a few things, and spring is the season to sort through your belongings, organize, clean, and rejuvenate your home.  Enter: Spring Cleaning!

My strategy for sorting through my ever-increasing piles of accumulated “stuff” is the standard 3-pile system:  Keep / Toss or Donate / Not Sure.  The first pile is organized and put away.  The second is tossed or given away.  The third pile — the possessions and clothing I’m not sure I’m ready to part with just yet — is boxed and stored out of sight.  A few months later, I pull out the box and take a second look.  The sentimental pulls and the ‘what-if-I-still-need-this-in-the-future?’ questions seem to disappear when you’ve forgotten about something for several months.  I almost always toss or donate everything at that point. 

In the same way that losing weight is easier than mantaining a weight loss, decluttering your home is often easier than simply maintaining a decluttered home. The true challenge is not replacing the possessions you’ve tossed or donated.  Need some motivation to let go of a few things?  Take just twenty minutes to watch the video above, The Story of Stuff.

The Story of Stuff is a documentary about consumerism and sustainability.  Created in 2007 and narrated by Annie Leonard, the video’s messages are timeless.  The Story of Stuff made me rethink the way I make purchases and provided me with a completely new understanding of fashion.  Before you make one more purchase — from a coffee maker, to a couch, to shoes — you must watch The Story of Stuff.

On the subject of Spring Cleaning, The Well Daily has written up a list of tips for green cleaning — learn about using vinegar here and lemon here as natural alternatives to toxic cleaners.

You can learn more about The Story of Stuff Project by visiting their website here.

Happy Spring Cleaning!

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  1. I remember seeing this documentary…sometimes we get tired of working or the everyday of life, that we seek “renewal” in buying things — new goods and services, I blame the media and advertising.

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