How Much Money Do Pediatricians Really Make From Vaccines?

If you want to be sure your pediatrician has your child’s best interest, this is mandatory reading. Pediatricians around the country have begun refusing to accept families who opt out of some or all vaccines. Thanks to a tip sent to Wellness & Equality by a reader, now we know why.

When my friend’s child suffered a life-threatening reaction to a vaccine a week after her first birthday, my friend assumed her pediatrician would write her a medical exemption from future vaccines. Shortly after receiving a routine set of vaccines, the happy, vibrant one-year-old spiked a 106 degree fever, began having seizures, and was hospitalized. When the unexplained “illness” passed after a week in the hospital, the little girl had lost her ability to walk. My friend describes how her daughter, who had learned to walk several months earlier at 9 months, suddenly “stumbled around like a drunk person” for weeks following the vaccines. My friend met with a team of pediatricians, neurologists, and naturopathic doctors, and they agreed: Her daughter had suffered a brain injury caused by a reaction to one of the vaccines. Hoping the injury would be temporary and that she might recover and ease her brain inflammation if they could help her small body quickly eliminate the vaccine additives that caused the reaction, my friend’s daughter underwent an intensive detoxification program overseen by a nutritionalist. Slowly, her daughter relearned to walk.

My friend is a practicing attorney who graduated from a Top 10 college. The evidence was overwhelming that her daughter’s reaction had been caused by vaccines, she told me.

But a few months later, when she took her daughter back into the pediatrician for a visit, he wanted to vaccinate her daughter again. She was baffled. Why?

After a reader sent us a link to a PDF file of Blue Cross Blue Shield’s Physician Incentive Program available online, Wellness & Equality learned that insurance companies pay pediatricians massive bonuses based on the percentage of children who are fully vaccinated by age 2. 


So how much money do doctors really make from vaccines? The average American pediatrician has 1546 patients, though some pediatricians see many more. The vast majority of those patients are very young, perhaps because children transition to a family physician or stop visiting the doctor at all as they grow up. As they table above explains, Blue Cross Blue Shield pays pediatricians $400 per fully vaccinated child. If your pediatrician has just 100 fully-vaccinated patients turning 2 this year, that’s $40,000. Yes, Blue Cross Blue Shield pays your doctor a $40,000 bonus for fully vaccinating 100 patients under the age of 2. If your doctor manages to fully vaccinate 200 patients, that bonus jumps to $80,000. 

But here’s the catch: Under Blue Cross Blue Shield’s rules, pediatricians lose the whole bonus unless at least 63% of patients are fully vaccinated, and that includes the flu vaccine. So it’s not just $400 on your child’s head–it could be the whole bonus. To your doctor, your decision to vaccinate your child might be worth $40,000, or much more, depending on the size of his or her practice.

If your pediatrician recommends that your child under the age of 2 receive the flu vaccine–even though the flu vaccine has never been studied in very young children and evidence suggests that the flu vaccine actually weakens a person’s immune system over the long term–ask yourself:  Is my doctor more concerned with selling me vaccines to keep my child healthy or to send his child to private school?


The Physician Alliance Blue Cross Blue Shield Incentive Program [Please read our update below to find out how you can access the pamphlet.] 

Update 4/30/2017: After Wellness & Equality published this article, Blue Cross Blue Shield locked online access to their incentive program and then removed the page altogether. Clearly this incentive program was never intended to be public knowledge and created a bit of PR issue for them. Fortunately, another website managed to save the entire BCBS incentive program booklet and has published it in entirety online… You can read it here:  Blue Cross Blue Shield Physician Incentive Program

Getting A Flu Shot Every Year? More May Not Be Better

Distribution of Pediatric Practice: Size, Age, Sex 



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  1. Appalling and disgusting….and you dont have to wonder any longer if they have your childs best interest in mind…its obvious its their own best interest in money

    • What they didn’t tell you is that the “bonus” that the pediatricians (a small number of pediatricians in Michigan only) get is actually money that they had already earned but was withheld. If they meet health targets, they get their own money back, if they don’t, they’re actually penalized. How is that appalling and disgusting except on the part of BCBSM?

      • Eve, it sounds like you are interpreting this incentive program as a punishment for failing to vaccinate, rather than as a reward for vaccinating. Regardless of whether you consider it a punishment to miss out on a bonus or a reward to receive a bonus, the bigger question is: How do kickback programs like this influence doctors’ willingness to push vaccines even in the face of evidence that they are unnecessary or harmful? The United States has passed anti-kickback laws in select areas of healthcare, but vaccines are EXEMPT from those anti-kickback laws, a little-known loophole. Kickback programs create dangerous conflicts-of-interest that most patients are completely unaware of. So why is it necessary to exempt vaccines from anti-kickback programs? You mentioned that Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is the insurance company behind this program. What makes you think that this program is unique to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan? More likely, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan just happens to be the insurance company that did not password-protect their incentive program or hide it behind a physician-only log-in. Studies show that kickback programs influence doctors’ recommendations and care of patients, which ultimately hurts patients. That’s why many people (outside of those who are benefiting financially) find kickback programs to be “appalling and disgusting.”

        • There is a huge issue with kick back programs and its not just with vaccines. They also lose $$ if they refer you out to a specialist. This is why its called Managed Care. Your care is being managed and controlled by money and not need.

        • My family (including my now 19 year old daughter) was insured through Blue Care Network of Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Michigan from 1995 through 2013. My daughter’s first pediatrician (birth to around age 13 years) pressured us to immunize her as per the “recommended” schedule, but never pressured us to give her the flu vaccine. However, she had a serious reaction to immunizations given to her at her 12 month well baby visit. That serious reaction was never noted on her records and as a result, there was never a notification of the serious reaction to VAERS. Due to the managed care part of the insurance coverage, the pediatrician delayed/prevented her from seeing specialists she needed to see to diagnose and take care of two serious medical conditions (both related to the reaction to the immunizations) until long after she should have been allowed to see the specialists.

          The PCP I had during those years kept trying to push me to switch to a different type of health insurance, a PPO. He told me it allowed me to see whatever specialist I needed to see without having to fight the insurance company to get it. Unfortunately, the HMO (BCN) was half the monthly cost of the other insurance coverage (the PPO) through my employer. I would have had to have paid 20% of all of the doctor’s visit costs, testing, treatments, surgeries, and hospital costs with the PPO instead of only $20 a doctor’s visit, $75 for ER visits, and $250 for the first day of hospital in-patient care through BCN. I explained to him that I could not afford the PPO, so he continued to treat me through the HMO. He snubbed his nose at the restrictions to specialists and referred me to good specialists whenever I needed them and even helped me fight to get the referrals approved. He was a great doctor. As an anecdote, he told me he went to a holiday party where he ended up talking to the CEO of “one of the largest HMOs in Michigan.” He wouldn’t name the HMO, but he led me to believe it was my HMO (Blue Care Network). He said that the CEO told him that their data showed that the average customer was with them an average of 18 months. The HMO’s intent was to deny treatment/testing for their customers long enough for that person to leave for another insurance company who would then have to pay for treatment/testing, relieving them of having to pay for the medical costs. Rotten bastards.

        • These are not kickback programs. These are in fact exactly what Eve said. However, they do not only apply to vaccines and children. It’s the same thing for coloniscopies and many other medical procedures, labs and tests. Within a few years drs will be going from the current rvu based pay program to a quality based program. Your dr will be graded on a 5 star basis of how compliant he and his patients are with the mandated guidelines.

        • Can you tell where that loophole is?

        • Shame on all of you, vaccines at birth start the killing process of the body period. God gave us everything we need, big pharma is $$$ is doing this to us. Population control only.

      • Already earned? In what way? It is illegal to withhold any “earnings”, therefore it would not be allowed unless there is another category that these “earned” amounts fall under.
        I would be willing to bet that they are more appropriately titled “incentives”, thus paid based on the amount of completed vaccinations.

      • So there money that doctors are owed is held back like blackmail to make then force injections. They should get another job

    • Apparently it is common knowledge that doctors receive $$ PER PILL for certain long-term prescribed medications. Just ask your doctor for confirmation.

  2. The vaccines are only the beginning. Doctors will be making money off vaccine damaged children their whole lives.

    • Agree. Privatized health care along with lawgivers that write laws benefitting Big-Pharma is the Tower Of Babel that will destroy our US way of life.

    • that’s what doesn’t make sense, it is insurance companies that will pay most of the medical bills of the vaccine injured so why would they pay incentive money to give the vaccines

      • We’ve received word that insurance companies may be incentivized to fund these types of programs. We will share as we have more information.

        • It has been some time but schools also get funding for every fully vaccinated child, also I believe I read quite a few years ago that a % of a nurse’s salary that administers vaccines are reimbursed. That’s a lot of $$ incentives for administering vaccinations.

      • Insurance companies just raise premiums to cover higher costs. They don’t “pay” for anything. Higher reimbursements equal higher premiums. Everyone wins except the injured and their family.

      • more people benefit then are harmed so they see those that are harmed as collateral damage for the greater good.
        If they want to push though, they should cover any unacceptable results.

        • How would you even know if there are any benefits to any of these vaccines? Just because you’re told they protect you from this or that doesn’t mean they actually do a darn thing. Why are there such disturbing ingredients in all of them? Formaldehyde, aluminum, mercury, fetal bovine serum, aborted fetal cells…it’s pretty clear to me that their is an alternative motive other than your protection.

      • It is not the insurance companies paying the incentive bonuses. It’s the pharmaceutical companies who make the vaccines. They’re also not liable for damages. Just another little loophole to think about. Big Pharma, CDC, FDA, insurance companies and Uncle Sam are all in this caldron together. And the more you stir [language removed] – the more it stinks. Just sayin’.

      • Because there is a much larger, nefarious motive in this scheme. Population control. What people don’t know, or perhaps refuse to believe, is that most vaccines are chock full of contaminants. Not just chemical and metal additives, but also small DNA and RNA particles that cannot be detected by ordinary microscopes. These particles (some large enough to be called viruses) have devastating long-term consequences. They attack and destroy the immune system, renal function, digestive function, and so on. The effects manifest years after the injection, making these bio-weapons the most clandestine and effective. If you ever get a chance to read the book Emerging Viruses, AIDS and Ebola by Dr. Len Horowitz, it will certainly open your eyes.

      • What? Insurance companies paying for treatment for vaccine injured children???? On what universe? These treatments are typically non traditional and NOT covered by insurance. Where do you come up with this??

      • Pat, it won’t be insurance covering it. It will covered by the government. It will come out of Social Security and taxes.

        • Yea it don’t make sense. The insurance companies don’t like to pay for anything if they don’t have to. So why would they give an incentive to give a vaccine they will have to pay for?

    • The real scare is that they don’t wholly know all the damage that is being done by the vaccines. That being said, when you have a government with a recorded history of performing medical experimentation on the populations, i.e. Tuskegee experiment, who in their right mind would allow anyone affiliated with that system to inject anything into them. I’ve often wondered just how many “lots” of vaccine have been formulated for experimentation on the public.

      • Absolutely!! If they are doing what we know they are doing, what are they doing that we don’t know yet. Just watch the video Lyme CryME all the way thru on YouTube if you want to see just how corrupt the CDC is.

    • And this isn’t illegal because????????? I think we all know.

  3. nothing makes sense, I could believe the pharmaceutical co’s would pay doctors but insurance companies? won’t the ins companies lose more money then paying medical bills of ppl who are permanently damaged by vaccines

    • Pat, we’ve received word that pharma-tied government agencies may be offering behind-the-scenes incentives to insurance companies to fund these types of programs. We’re looking forward to learning more and will share as we have more information.

    • This is due in part that it is illegal for the pharmaceutical companies to incentivize doctors directly. This is merely going thru the back door. Big pharma pays the insurance companies, why else do you think there we no caps placed on premiums with obamacare? They were and are in bed together.

  4. In regards to the comment about why insurance companies would do this if they have to pay care costs on the other side….well, they don’t. Nothing more than the minimal.

    So if you are vaccine injured, and actually desire to recouperate yourself or yourvchild, plan on these costs coming out of your own pocketbook along with the poor educational setting in most public school systems special needs programs.

    Profit over people doesn’t suddenly vanish when injured.

    • Absolutely, Summer. We’ve seen many stories of families of vaccine injured children facing huge costs themselves. The astronomical costs of caring for children with vaccine injuries are life-long and can bankrupt and break families.

      • Just had a discussion with my niece on FB about how Drs. get a kickback on vaccinations….she said she knows how passionate i am about this subject but my info is totally false….that she and her husband have an amazing dr. that does not get a kickback…she has teens down to grade school kids with a spleen condition..the spleen has to be removed when they are 5yrs old, but she still fully vaccinated her kids, and she said they are fine…her husband gets his vaccinations every year and he is fine, he as well had to get his spleen removed…i would try to spell the disorder that our family has, but not even gonna attempt it..anyway…i just posted to her, i agree to disagree….i know when you have medical minded people out there, that nothing i say is going to work….but i feel like i should say something, but i want 100% proof…i want her to know that i watched VAXXed and i was in a rm full of people that had kids that were injured and i had pediatricians there that were heart broken, and wanted to know how they can stop vaccinations w/o getting punished for it….i work in a Chiropractic office(for 20yrs) and just had a lady that came in that got the flu vaccination and had a seizure that dislocated both of her shoulders and broke both of her arms and now has to be on seizure meds for the rest of her life, and has plates and screws and carries horrible scars because of it……people say, oh she must have had an underlying condition or i don’t get my kids vaccinated for the flu….i just want to scream…..i just shake my head….i am all about health…and i talk to parents and people daily about vaccines and medication…natural ways to take care of some conditions…and i also pray with patients and for patients….i just need more facts to put on social media….probably won’t need to cause most will unfriend me, but thats ok…thank you for all that you do for our kids and adults…prayerfully it will start clicking with them all and prayerfully we will get someone in office that is for the people and not themselves…..

        • Nora L Schwegler-Phillips, I know what you mean. I decided a long time ago that what you don’t know can really hurt you. But somehow some people are blind to the fact that doctors don’t know everything. It can be very frustrating. So many preventable tragedies!!!! I have a pretty impressive list of vaccine information sites that I am happy to share if you want to message me.

  5. This is nothing more than backdoor politics. You see, it is illegal for Pharma companies to bribe or incentivize doctors to vaccinate so they merely fund the insurance companies to incentivize the doctors. Why else do you think the insurance companies have not had their premiums capped yet. They have been protected throughout the entire process. They can charge what ever the heck they want, in my case it was 79% premium rate increase to acclimate for Obamacare. Big Pharma cannot bribe or incentivize a doctor but can buy the staff lunches, set up advertising accounts, all expense paid vacations to Europe. That’s all legal. It’s all loopholes people.

    • Yes, loopholes are a huge problem. Many people are unaware that vaccines are exempt from anti-kickback laws so there are massive conflicts-of-interests at play here.

      • Does that mean we dont have to vac our Babies. My Baby is 6 months old and i dont want her to have any more of those vac shots or any injection for that mater

    • It’s done by lobbying. I worked for Merck and our largest customer was the US government. (Think about all of the soldiers, federal workers, etc,) Believe me, plenty of money is spent on that customer. Look at all of the mandates enforced by the CDC. True news will never be seen or heard on this topic on news shows either…have you ever counted all the pharma commercials sponsoring those shows?

  6. The vaccination agenda is the greatest mind bending operation of all times…
    Firstly, ALL vaccines damage and poison the brain (and the body).
    Secondly, coupled with fear campaigns about the perceived dangers of simple children’s diseases, the mantra that “vaccines are safe and effective” acts as a neurolinguistic voodoo which incapacitates people in any form of rational thinking about the subject. For doctors and parents alike…

    • Exactly right!

      The belief in “immunisation” amounts to a contagious mental illness which has permeated virtually all of society and which makes affected people engage in insane and reckless activities like poisoning themselves or their children, or others if they are a doctor, having been sold the lie that this is about disease prevention.

      “Belief in immunization is a form of delusional insanity.”

      Dr Herbert Shelton, USA

      I have long ago arrived at the inevitable conclusion that vaccination is an organised criminal enterprise dressed up as disease prevention by means of junk science. Shutting down the entire vaccine industry for good to once and for all put an end to this medical fraud, child abuse and crime against humankind is in my estimation long overdue.

  7. Are you actually ok with getting measles? Or whooping cough? I personally like to breathe.

    • Great question. First, let’s examine the assumption that vaccines can effectively prevent whooping cough and safely protect against measles. This NPR article ( discusses the surprising ineffectiveness of the DTAP vaccine, the vaccine that claims to protect against whooping cough. As the article explains, for reasons not fully understood, even booster shots make no difference. You may also be surprised to learn that the DTAP vaccine aims to protect against toxins released by the bacteria, but not the bacteria itself, which means the vaccine does NOT create herd immunity no matter how many people are vaccinated. Because DTAP-vaccinated children become asymptomatic carriers of the whooping cough bacteria, they may be a very real danger to young siblings and especially infants. As the NPR article explains, due to the vaccine’s design, there will always be circulating whooping cough bacteria in fully vaccinated populations. Here’s another article for you: In California, 85% of the people who had/died from whooping cough were fully vaccinated, even in areas where rates of vaccine compliance were 95-99.5%. It would certainly be more convenient for everyone if the science on vaccine efficacy supported vaccines but the most reputable science suggests that we currently have NO safe, effective vaccine against whooping cough – hence the cyclical whooping cough outbreaks every few years. As for measles, the rate of death from measles is far lower than the rate of death from the MMR vaccine. Each year, children die from adverse reactions to the MMR vaccine. To answer your original question, what I am not “okay” with is being vaccinated with ineffective and/or unsafe vaccines. I sincerely hope that helps to clarify my position. It’s a complex topic and I hope you’ll take the time to delve into the research to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

      • Not to mention that the DTaP causes seizures in 1 in 14,000 children (that is on the CDC web site and the informational handout that parents get when they give their child a vaccine). On the web site they call it a “moderate problem”. My son is still on anti-seizure medications today because of the DTaP, I wouldn’t call it a “moderate problem”. I am betting that number is highly inaccurate considering that most medical professionals do not report seizures after vaccination to the Vaccine Adverse Event Registry. With the previous version of this vaccine, the DTP, the CDC admitted that seizures were 1 in 1700, but they say that this acellular version we use now is much safer. Of course, back when we were using the DTP they vigorously denied that it was unsafe, but now that we use a different version it’s apparently okay to admit that. Back in the 80’s so many parents were suing the manufacturer over the DTP vaccine that our government created the system we have now so that parents can’t sue the manufacturer, but instead have to go through the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. Seizure disorders after the DTaP are “on the tables” in this program, and account for many of the injuries compensated (although I’ve heard it takes years and is a difficult process). I personally never filed a claim because nobody in the medical profession told me it existed and the statute of limitations to file a claim is 3 years.

        • I’m so sorry about your son’s experience. I have several close friends whose young babies also suffered seizures following vaccines. In every case, their pediatricians told them seizures are now considered a “normal” reaction to vaccines. As a result, not one of my friends reported the seizures to the VAERS database. Yes, the numbers that the CDC website provides do not represent reality. Side effects are grossly underreported because mothers are not encouraged to report them and because most doctors are uneducated in the diagnosis and treatment of vaccine side effects.

          You raise an important point about the cycle of pulling vaccines off the market and THEN acknowledging the side effects. Almost every vaccine has been recalled and/or “reformulated” due to side effects. Strangely, the new vaccines are only tested against the old vaccines, never against a placebo. Time and time again, we trade one side effect or another. In any other realm, we would not consider these types of shoddy experiments to be “science.” The real experiments happen when the vaccines hit the market…

        • Hello. You are absolutely correct! My brother in law, who’s in his 40’s now, had an allergic reaction to the dTap vaccine. He still has seizures, and has no short term memory. The whole family has had to take care of him his whole life.

      • In addition to what you wrote, here is a link to the CDC’s 2014 whooping cough chart which shows over 5x as many cases of whooping cough in those with the recommended 3+ vaccines as compared to those who were not vaccinated for it:

        People need to do their research from independent sources, although occasionally even the CDC may have some good statistics. In answer to jj, if you do want to breathe, skip the vaccine and you’ll have a much better chance. Much better to support a healthy immune system with a healthy diet, supplements, good sleep, exercise, etc., and skipping vaccines.

      • Agree.
        I am an RN in the NICU for 23 years and have seen Many , many babies in our unit that have had life threatening reactions to Prevnar (Pneumococcal) vaccine in the unit within 8 hours of getting.
        I have filed the reactions with The CDC dept and they said they take the filing but don’t follow up!!!! So I stopped notifying them.
        Our docs keep ordering these vaccines!!!!!!!

    • Are you okay with government entities lying to you? Measles is benign, as are in essence all the supposedly vaccine preventable illnesses; the CDC’s characterization of it as deadly is a terrible misrepresentation. Had you raised an alarm about a case of measles in your neighborhood in the 40s, 50s or 60s – into the 70s, actually, before the mainstream fear mongering began – you would have been laughed out of the room. The illness, described in clinician’s manuals as a mild cold with a rash that last for four or five days in any adequately nourished child, was viewed as a virtual rite of passage, no reason for undue concern – care and monitoring, obviously, but not fear or fret.

      It goes beyond that. Many moms would tell you that after a bout of measles her child experienced a growth spurt, or vocabulary surge, or lost the eczema he’d had for months. The process of infectious illness isn’t destructive. To the contrary, it’s inherently beneficial, a program of deep cleanse and return to wellness. It’s a system of detox, which is why it’s discomforting. It’s not that sickness is welcome, just that it’s corrective – unavoidable if proper diet, rest and the other components of a generally healthy lifestyle aren’t maintained.

    • Seriously?? I’ve had both and lived to tell. They are NORMAL CHILDHOOD DISEASES. They help build a strong immune system that people today lack because they arent allowed to have these normal maladies. I also had mumps and chicken pox. I m now in my 70’s and have never been sick in my life, have no allergies or asthma and take no pills. According to doctors today, I am a miracle!! What a load of crap.

    • Well, given the pharma companies have no financial motivation to produce safe, tested vaccines, and given most pediatricians are, at best, mindless robots who follow “the book” and, at worst, greedy parasites that could give two craps about the kids they run through their mills…parents should do two things. First, stop seeing pediatricians!! Not only are they mostly morally compromised fools, they can report you to child services if you don’t “obey”…they are a risk to you and your child! Take your kids to immediate care centers for physicals and minor illness, to the ER for serious issues. Pediatricians are NOT needed! Second, stop getting ALL vaccines for your child! ALL. Until they clean up this filthy, greed-driven mess…REFUSE. And yes, if you live in a “mandatory state” as far as public school attendance, yank them out and home school before you allow them to be poisoned. Only with mass rejection of this will anything change.

    • I have had measles as a child and it was a breeze. I’d rather any child of mine got measles and was sick in bed for a few days than vaccine-induced life-long autism any day.

    • I had both as a child, and managed to live without vax for them. I got antibiotics.

    • Who’s breathing now wearing a face mask and taking in your own carbon dioxide
      It’s a planned out and has been for years. Wake up and see all the drugs they hand out. Then in a few years or many years. They get sued . As I’m sure you have seen some of the commercials
      ‘ “If you or a family member has taken —————— call this number to speak to an attorney!
      Now they are also going after Johnson & Johnson Bc the baby powder causes cancer! Everything they do is to kill, steal and destroy. Vaccines are no different. Including your pets as well. Maybe people need to do their own research and see for themselves what’s really going on., Actors are puppets and they come in every category. Politicians, new media ( fake news)
      Celebrities , sports, they all are puppets who work for the powers that be! America is nothing but a corporation. Owned by the U.K. The queen of England.
      We all might as well be lab rats . Monsanto and these elites are happily killing us. Follow the money trail and there you will find who really controls the world. Too bad everyone is so mind controlled watching all there television. The churches are no better either. That’s another story for a different topic….

    • Are you saying that measles and whooping cough stops breathing?

    • I’ve had them still breathing God is Better than VAX!

  8. We’re constantly hearing on TV ads, ‘If you took this drug or that drug and some disastrous consequence occurred, you may be entitled to monetary damages, etc. ….’ So why doesn’t the same thing apply to vaccines? Hundreds of parents have lost children or are now raising damaged kids because of vaccines! This is SO WRONG to exclude vaccines from drug companies’ responsibilities. Why should taxpayers be punished for some tragedy a vaccine caused?

    • We 100% agree with you. That loophole gives vaccine manufacturers zero incentive to improve the safety of vaccines, which is one of many reasons why more children than ever before in history are having injuries related to vaccines. Sadly, many parents have no idea that they have no right to sue vaccine manufacturers. Let’s spread the word!

  9. They have a fund setup for vaccine injuries, it has paid out BILLIONS!

  10. Reblogged this on The GOLDEN RULE and commented:
    Hopefully, this dire situation does not also exist in Australia.
    Nevertheless the principles of ‘all vaccines at any costs’, (to the patients) are present, as proven by the government mandating “vaccines or welfare benefits removed”.
    So this is a wake-up call to parents that show enough concern for their own children’s health, to not blindly accept government and non-government controls which are not based on certifiable medical processes.


    As a pediatrician, I can tell you a lot about vaccines. Hopefully, you all have doctors for your children that are appropriate, listen to the story of children like this (from OP), and talk to you about vaccines. They do way more good than harm. Of course there are kids that have unusual severe reactions. But they are, literally, in the less than one in a million. Febrile seizures at one are much more common, but that is not a severe reaction. It seems severe, and dont get me wrong, they scare the pants off any parent! But… lets be honest. There are lots of things that these little kids do that scare us to death! Simple febrile seizures do not do brain damage, developmental regression or delay, and almost never cause aspiration.

    Febrile seizures are remarkably common in that age group as it is, so anything that stimulates their immune system will increase that risk. A cold, yup. A stomach bug, yup. A vaccine, yup.

    As for pertussis, we had a vaccine that worked better, but there was enough of a concern about risks with it that we dropped it and made a new one.

    Vaccines against bacteria are much harder to make. Viruses (measles, mumps, rubella, varicella), require only one dose to be 95% protected. After four doses of DtaP at 15 months, kids are still only about 80% protected. And then we have to give boosters quite frequently! It is a difficult bug to create a good vaccine for.

    But, if you are not vaccinated and little, you have a high risk of death. So, we vaccinate for it as soon as we can (it hasn’t been tested under 6 weeks and no one I know would give it younger than that). But it can still kill you after one or two doses. Your chances are a lot lower though!

    Even the CDC, on the pertussis fact sheet for parents, says that one of the reasons to get the DTaP shot is that it prevents your child from having violent coughing fits from whooping cough. It does help protect against the disease. But, probably just as importantly, even if you still get the disease, you are much less likely to die from it. This is exactly the same case for the influenza vaccine. These are extremely contagious illnesses. Respiratory illnesses often are. Especially with little kids that cough and sneeze on each other. If they are super contagious, your body may not be able to prevent infection completely. But if your body has a head start, because it already has some antibodies to fight off that virus, you have a much better chance of survival.

    2000-2014, 30,000 people contracted pertussis. 277 deaths from Pertussis. 241 were less than 3 months.

    Before the 40’s, kids would die 9,000 a year from pertussis. Now it’s down to 20 a year.

    I couldn’t find specific numbers on pertussis preventable deaths. It is out there so I will look for it. Of course, the age you contract the disease greatly contributes to your increased risk of death. But I know the numbers for flu.

    About 4 % of us get the flu yearly. In 2014-2015 flu season, of those children who were previously healthy (no increased risk like asthma), 160 died. Only 4 of them were vaccinated. Typically, 40% of US kids get vaccinated. If it didn’t wor, you would expect 40% of the deaths to be in the vaccinated kids. The vaccine protects your healthy child from dying 80-95% of the time. Numbers change a little depending on the year.

    So. you make the call. But make sure you are informed. Not just scared of someone’s story.

    There is lots to learn about this stuff…. and hopping onto a conspiracy theory is easy. Test your own beliefs about how bad vaccines are… against how bad the diseases are, how effective the vaccines are, and how rare the side effects.

    I have practiced pediatrics for 13 years. In that time, I have only met 1 family who had a child with a vaccine injury. That child does not get vaccines anymore. The rest of her siblings don’t get the type of vaccine that made her sick. There are still things we may not understand about specific immune responses depending on your genes. I understand mom’said choice to not take that risk in that same family!

    And… in 13 years, I’ve never seen a kickback. The money that some BCBS plans “incentive” pediatricians with is minimal at best. Those numbers are crazy high. And a good pediatrician would NEVER put anything else above a child’s health. Don’t see physicians who don’t listen to what you know and take the time to explain what they know! It is our job to do medical care and to know what medical care is advised and why. But YOU are the experts on YOUR child!

    • Thanks for your thoughtful response. We’re publishing your response in the interest of open discourse. Wellness and Equality encourages evidence-based decisions about health. IMPORTANT: To keep your comment posted, can you please provide links/sources to support the numbers you’ve provided?

    • Hi Dr. Nichols,
      I agree with some of what you said, especially that parents shouldn’t let stories of adverse reactions make the decision for them, that they should educate themselves about the real risk versus benefit of each vaccine. And I completely understand that pertussis is very dangerous for very young babies, that should be taken very seriously. However, the risk of adverse reaction is NOT 1 in a million.

      The 1 in a million statistic is based on one study (and I have no idea if it was a well done study) and refers to the risk of anaphylactic shock only. As I mentioned in my comment above, the risk of seizures (not febrile seizures) after DTaP are 1 in 14,000. That is a CDC statistic. My son had partial complex seizures after the DTaP. His brain did not get the normal amount of oxygen, I’m not sure for how long. He stopped breathing entirely on a couple of occasions. He has some learning issues and receives special education services, although overall what happened to him is mild compared to some other kids we’ve met. And the rates of this type of brain injury and seizures used to be much higher when we used the whole cell version of this vaccine (DTP).

      In addition to seizures – both febrile and partial complex seizures like my son’s (not related to fever)- there are other possible adverse reactions. So again, the risk is NOT 1 in a million, not even close. And most vaccine reactions go unreported. None of the medical professionals involved in my son’s care were going to report his reaction. His pediatrician called it a “coincidence”. I now know that she was not very informed about vaccine reactions. If parents are going to truly educate themselves, they need correct information about the actual risk of adverse reaction and injury. I would hope you would agree.

      That is also why it was so disappointing when California legislators voted down Assembly Bill 2832 last year, introduced by Assemblyman Travis Allen, a bill that only wanted to put a prominent link to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) and the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP) on the California Department of Health web site, so that parents would more easily find the information about these programs.

      The American Academy of Pediatrics lobbied against that bill. Can you explain that to me? Because I certainly don’t understand that. That is not a science based attitude. If you really want to base your decisions on science, you don’t try to prevent a bill that would give parents another way to find out about a reporting system for adverse reactions. If you care about science and evidence, you want to know the real rate of adverse reactions, and that requires them to be reported in the first place.

      Also, the information about the incentives given to doctors from Blue Cross helped me put the puzzle pieces together. My son was eventually kicked out of the practice of that same uninformed pediatrician who called his reaction a “coincidence”, despite the decades of evidence regarding his type of reaction after a pertussis containing vaccine. I was willing to give him the measles vaccine, but wanted to wait until he was a couple of years older. I didn’t want to give him the chicken pox vaccine, but I was willing to give him the polio vaccine. I was told no, I had to give him all missing vaccines or leave the practice. When I asked why, a staff member whispered that she thought she was being pressured by the insurance company. At the time, that had no meaning. Now it makes perfect sense. She was being pressured financially. She had something to lose (we had Blue Cross insurance). The document is online, so if you don’t believe the post, you can look it up for yourself.

      Thank you for listening. And thank you for your comment about how parents are the expert on their children. It is so true. It is why pediatricians need to look at parents as their partners in this. You have valuable information, and we do too. Unfortunately, so many in the medical profession seem to forget that.

    • My concern with you saying that you have practiced for 13 years and have seen only 1 vaccine injured is whether or not it has been brought to your attention by your staff or if you have dismissed the presented injury as resulting from something else. I have 2 children with vaccine injuries (long term and short term side effects of vaccines listed both on the inserts from the manufacturers and by the CDC). Because my husband was vaccine injured as a child, I thought following the adjusted and reduced schedule was a smart choice, however that was clearly the wrong choice for our family. When my first son became ill I immediately called into the office and was dismissed by the nurse who was adamant that it was not the result of the vaccine he had received. Other issues were brought up on multiple occasions to our pediatrician who was not willing to attribute any of the issues to the vaccines my children received. She saw them as all normal and unrelated childhood ailments. Needless to say we have now chosen to work with professionals outside of western medicine to detox and build up their immune systems naturally. Our third child is completely unvaccinated and above and beyond the healthiest of the three. My oldest who had the most vaccines is riddled with respiratory issues, allergies, eczema, as well as a weakened immune system that leaves him easily susceptible to any virus he comes in contact with. Have you really only seen 1 family injured by vaccines or have you not taken the time to look into the root causes of the ailments that plague your patients?

    • As a pediatrician, in reality you can tell us nothing about vaccines – at least, nothing beyond what we’ve all been told in endless repetition in the mainstream our whole lives. There are dozens of MDs, including pediatricians, who either have serious reservations about vaccination, or have abandoned the paradigm, and will no longer vaccinate – and their numbers are growing. They have one thing in common: they researched beyond the medical school training.

    • Actually it was widespread use of antibiotics that took the death rate down, not vaccines. If you look historically, the death rate from common childhood viruses declined most dramatically after the widespread use of antibiotics in the 40’s, and before the use of vaccines. The vaccines just took the credit because it was good for business…We and our medical professionals have been told lies and we are happy to believe them rather than doing the independent research.

    • I have 5 children. 2 completely vaxxed (constantly sick as children, have adhd immune issue allergies ) 2 partial vaxx didnt start till after 2( healthly before vax after vaxx immediately constantly sick for a few years fair better than completely vaxed. 1 child completely unvaxxed 5 years old never had an antibiotic, never had an ear infection, has had 4 minor colds which passed without meds!! My grandsons are also unvaccinated and Never sick! No antibiotics! Its literally night and day. Without vaccines pediatricians would go put of business, ive learned its not natural for children to be sick all the time. Most pf the vaccinations are not nessicary and you know it!! In your heart you know it isnt right the amount of vaccinations your giving to children.

  12. The vaccination list will only continue to get longer and longer. What a fabulous opportunity for Big Pharma! They would be stupid to not exploit this opportunity to make huge profits with no liability for the damages they cause!

  13. I’ve linked to the actual pamphlet below. It’s readily apparent to anyone who reads the literature that BCBS is only offering a single payment of $400 to ensure that 63% of all of a doctor’s patients under 2 get 10 specific vaccinations. Not $400 per kid. $400 all-together.

    Click to access 2016-BCN-BCBSM-Incentive-Program-Booklet.pdf

    • Andrew, have you read the pamphlet that you linked to? Your assumption is incorrect. The language clearly states the payment of $400 per set of vaccines and per eligible member (ie. $400 per patient). Please take a second look at the screenshot above that we have taken directly from the pamphlet. Notice the last line: “Payout: $400 per Combo 10 completed for each eligible member.”

  14. They say (whoever they are) only 1 in a million has a severe reaction to any one vaccine. That is based on total vaccines given and reported vaccine reactions that were paid out by the vaccine court (don’t be surprised if you never heard of it – they keep it a pretty good secret). Because each person receives 70 vaccines through age 18, we have to divide that million by 70, so then it’s down to 1 in 15,000. Only about 1/3 of cases reported gets paid by the court, so then that 15,000 needs to be divided by 3, so now it’s one in 5,000. Now you only have a certain amount of time to file the report, plus most people don’t know about the vaccine court, and many won’t have any idea their injury was caused by a vaccine, so maybe 1 in 10 will actually file for a settlement, so now we’re down to 1 in 500. And many people who have a reaction to vaccines don’t realize it was the vaccine because most doctors deny it or attribute the deaths to SIDS, SUDS, cause undetermined or unknown cause, and other injuries or psychological causes. So maybe we need to divide that by 50, so now we have a truer amount of about 1 in 10. Many people will never know that their health problems (allergies, eczema, asthma, diabetes, cancer, SIDS, etc.) were caused by the vaccines they had received. So the medical establishment will make the 1 in 10 sound like 1 in a million.

    How accurate are the above numbers? They could be accurate, but because there is so much secrecy relating to vaccines, so much non-reporting of injuries, and so many wrong reports of the causes of injuries and deaths, we’ll probably never know the truth. Whether it’s 1 out of 10 or 1 out of 500, I believe there is way more risk vs reward.

  15. can you tell me if the numbers in what docs make per year in bonuses and pay for vaccinations is accurate? I posted this article and had a lady say that it was grossly off and the numbers and math do not make sense ! and that I was sharing an article that was not true! I think of your site as reliable and would like to respond appropriately to her concerns regarding this matter. On the other hand if the info is wrong or not true I also need to know that as well! thx

    • Hi Debbie, thank you for your question. Unlike many other websites, we always cite the most reputable sources when publishing our articles. In this article, we’ve linked directly to the sources that show and support the numbers we use. In fact, these numbers come directly from Blue Cross Blue Shield. After we published this article, Blue Cross Blue Shield was forced to remove their Physician’s Incentive Program pamphlet, likely due to all the bad publicity they received when parents found out about the incentive program for doctors, which is why the link no longer works. Fortunately, we captured a screenshot (shown in the article) that came directly from the Blue Cross Blue Shield website before they locked access to the details of their incentive program. The last line of the screenshot shows the $400 per patient payout.

      Here are the other sources we referenced:

      Arch Pediatric Adolescent Medicine, Jan 1999: Size and age-sex distribution of pediatric practice: a study from Pediatric Research in Office Settings.

      Getting A Flu Shot Every Year? More May Not Be Better

    • Update: A helpful reader sent us this new URL where the Blue Cross Blue Shield Physician Incentive Program pamphlet is currently displayed. You can view the pamphlet yourself here: The language clearly states the payment of $400 per eligible member (ie. $400 per patient).

  16. As mentioned in a previous comment, the BCN program, though obscene in the amount offered, operates in Michigan only. Other, considerably less lucrative incentives exist nationwide – the CDC’s AFIX program, for instance.

  17. I feel stunned that millions of physicians/nurses/and other pediatric providers are apparently ignoring the deaths, severe life-long disabilities, and exorbitant costs CLEARLY LINKED to vaccines. Something is dreadfully wrong here that money precludes simple human decency to protect babies, toddlers and children (and adults). There’s a horrible underlying problem in our values which proliferate blindness to vaccine damage.

  18. For those who might suspect as bogus the, “2016 Performance Recognition Program:” Before the link was so suspiciously removed it was last archived July 23, 2016 at .

  19. If a Website removes information a useful tool to see that info is to use the Wayback Machine at They can run but they can’t hide. Here is another link to the pamphlet from March 2016:

  20. I am so grateful to receive the BEST healthcare ever when I lived in Germany in the 90’s. Most compassionate, empathetic, calm medical and dental care I have ever seen! I knew in 1995 when I returned from Germany our for-profit system would never work. The attitudes of healthcare and dentists in Germany is TOTALLY different! They do CARE and spend the TIME with you to help you in ANY (natural too) way they can. No morals in US care- dentists here are a scam for those who have money.

  21. Can anyone link to a new copy of the PDF?
    Would be much appreciated.

  22. Doctors still have to take into account the cost for vaccines. They aren’t gifted them.

  23. Hi Welness and Equality. You’re awsome. Hope you are keeping printed copies of all the info you gather as these bastards can shut down your website and facebook page.
    Blessings bunches and good luck to all in that crazy evil matrix. Xxx

  24. You can find the newest version by selecting Blue Care Network information here:

    Or just use this link (which may stop working when they update the file because the name of and path to the file may change, like it did with the 2016 version):

  25. Have you seen the film “First Do No Harm.”?

  26. Good.

    I love vaccines.

  27. I support these measures.
    – Gene O’cide


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