Oregonians Committing Suicide and Dying of COVID-19 At Similar Rates

COVID-19 Fact Check: Which is killing more Oregonians – social isolation or COVID-19?

Year to date, midway through November of 2020, Oregon has reported 779 deaths from COVID-19 in a state of 4.3 million. In 2019, 908 Oregonians committed suicide. If you live in Oregon, you’re about as likely to commit suicide as die of COVID-19. Oregon has the 5th lowest rate of COVID-19 of all fifty states (trailing only Vermont, Maine, Alaska and Hawaii). Yet Oregon Governor Kate Brown refuses to open public schools and continues to impose stricter regulations in the state. When the number one risk factor for depression, anxiety and suicide is isolation – and the numbers show that suicide and COVID-19 are statistically equal concerns in the state of Oregon – why is Governor Kate Brown increasing isolation, banning social interaction and closing places of worship?

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