Conspiracy Theorists: What Do They Really Believe?

You’ve heard about conspiracy theorists but have you spoken with one? What do they really believe? WE interviewed a conspiracy theorist to learn about the “agendas” they say are being quietly pushed by the Deep State, an alleged web of powerful government officials hidden within the elected government.


DE-POPULATION. Conspiracy theorists allege that there is a widespread agenda to lower the global birth rate and decrease fertility. The methods are many: polluting the air, contaminating our water and food supplies, increasing hormonal imbalances through chemicals and stress, a public education model that discourages procreation, convincing doctors to prescribe birth control that damages long-term reproduction potential, inject healthy people with poisonous vaccines, and more. At the top of the vaccine scandal, you’ll find none other than Bill Gates, whose wife Melinda writes compellingly about the need to bring vaccines to Africa, whose countries just happen to have the highest population growth in the world. Coincidence?

ONE WORLD POLITICAL ORDER. Conspiracy theorists allege that power-hungry individuals are working to persuade all countries to answer to one singular leader or organization. All the better to control you, my pretties.

ONE WORLD RELIGION. According to our source, this is an especially complicated but important agenda with many sub-goals including to REDEFINE CHRISTIANITY and DISCREDIT OR REWRITE THE BIBLE. Theorists predict the new world religion will seem less controversial and be easier to agree with than any prior religions but its goal will be simple: Remove the fear of God, increase the fear of one another. According to the conspiracy theorist we spoke with, this agenda is well underway with key components of biblical history already hidden and rewritten.

UNIVERSAL ID AND UNIVERSAL TRACKING FOR ALL HUMANS. How can the Deep State control you if they can’t track you? Conspiracy theorists predict that you will be mis-educated until you ultimately agree to submit to a tracking device and universal identification permanently affixed to your body – all of which will be positioned as a benefit for you. In a world currently impacted by COVID-19, it doesn’t seem so far-fetched for the government to insist that we need universal identification and tracking of every human – all in the name of safety.

REWRITE HISTORY. We can’t learn from our mistakes if we aren’t aware of them. For the Deep State, physical copies of books present a problem, but moving everything online makes editing history easier. According to theorists, the Deep State doesn’t want you to buy hard copies of books, newspapers, magazines, music or films. Hard copies present problems: They cannot be edited after publication, their consumption cannot be tracked, and they cannot be easily removed from your possession. Deleting web pages and editing a Kindle page is easier than burning books.

DISCONNECT PEOPLE FROM NATURE. Replace food with medicine until even our food supply is entirely manufactured and controlled by corporations, according to conspiracy theorists. Without an understanding of Mother Nature and how to live off the earth, humans will have no choice but to run straight into the arms of the Deep State.

SEXUALIZE CHILDREN and NORMALIZE PEDOPHILIA and CULTIVATE ANDROGENY. According to conspiracy theorists, pedophiles have already infiltrated the highest ranks of our churches, government, and educational organizations to quietly change public policies and alter public education. Mainstream sources confirm that elementary schools in California have begun teaching the anatomy of anal sex as part of a more inclusive sex education and you may have seen the Common Core controversy about allowing elementary school children to choose their own gender. You be the judge: Is this progress or Deep State propaganda?

DESTABILIZE THE FAMILY UNIT. Blur the definition of a father, a mother, a child, a sibling. Does a child even need a father? In the future, will a child even have a mother? Destabilizing the family unit will destabilize the identity of the individual and decrease support. With weak roots, all the better for the Deep State to step in and control the education and rearing of a new generation of minds. Mothers present a problem so the Deep State intends to separate them from their children, creating rifts in attachment, as soon as possible after birth.

MERGE MAN AND MACHINE. Bigger, better, smarter, faster. The Deep State will seduce you with its song of progress: Why be human when you can be a better human? In future generations the line between natural human and man-made machine will be blurred beyond recognition.

According to the conspiracy theorist we spoke with, this is just the tip of the iceberg. To learn more, choose a web search tool that isn’t run by the Deep State (Tip: Google won’t turn up search results so try duckduckgo instead) and start researching. Alternatively, read the Book of Revelation in the Bible. Or seek out someone who is bare-faced in a sea of masks.

Just be forewarned: Once you know, you can’t un-know.

Happy theorizing!

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