Dear Misinformed Mask-Wearer…

In recent months, my children and I have been verbally assaulted multiple times for walking outside without masks. In one instance, a woman with two tiny children whose faces were obscured by large black masks came lumbering toward us, screaming “People are DYING! You’re MURDERERS!” All this, because I was pushing my toddler on a swing at a public park, about twenty feet away from her, and neither my toddler nor I were wearing a mask. In these instances, the mask-wearer is usually so irate, so angry, so terrifying that I can’t so much as get in a word. What to do?

Perhaps you too enjoy breathing fresh air and you’ve had these well-intentioned people attack you for spending time outside and supporting your immune system. I’ve prepared a hand-out to gently and lovingly pass along. I believe it’s time to start cautiously engaging with these people and helping to heal their media-induced trauma before they continue to break our country and vote away our American freedoms. Below is the hand-out I’ve prepared for these situations. Just copy the words below, paste into a Word document, and print it out. Fold it up and tuck it into children’s playgrounds, tape it up in bathroom stalls, and stash it in children’s libraries.

To The Well-Meaning Mask-Wearer Who Is Afraid:

I support my immune system – and yours – by:

  • Regularly exercising outdoors
  • Breathing clean, fresh air every day – not the dust and particles of a face covering
  • Eating fresh fruits or fresh vegetables with every meal
  • Limiting my consumption of processed food and abstaining from alcohol
  • Avoiding processed sugars including corn syrup, cane sugar, etc.
  • Using no pesticides or herbicides in my house and yard
  • Prayer, gratitude and meditation

I stand with science and critical thinking, which tell us that masks and other face coverings:

  • Lower oxygen flow to the lungs and brain (which lowers your body’s immune response to viruses)
  • Increase carbon dioxide inhalation (symptoms include difficulty concentrating, feeling faint or light-headed, headache vision problems, vertigo, tinnitus, and more)
  • Increase the incidence of sinus infections, lung infections, and staph infections
  • Inhibit communication and present safety issues, especially for those on the spectrum, the hearing impaired, and children
  • Delay or permanently derail crucial learning milestones in young children, including language, pronunciation, reading skills, and especially socialization
  • Impact infants’ social and emotional development and caregivers’ abilities to comfort them

Your fear and anxiety is not your fault. You have been lied to by the government you thought you could trust, misinformed by the media, your doctor’s medical education has been funded by the pharmaceutical companies who profit off keeping you sick, and you have been isolated from the sight of human smiles for an inhumane length of time.

I urge you to stop consuming media articles that stoke your fear and instead read a broad range of scientific studies on the subjects you care about most. Instead of allowing the media to cherry-pick scientific studies for you, please consider using a search engine like duckduckgo and doing your own research.

May you reconsider your response toward children, the most precious and vulnerable among us whom the government have bullied into submission and renamed “super spreaders.”

I wish you the very best. May your fears be soothed and your eyes opened.

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  1. I love this article/handout. What would be even better would be to attach great science articles to support it – great work!

    On Sat, Jan 23, 2021 at 11:23 AM WELLNESS AND EQUALITY wrote:

    > WE posted: ” In recent months, my children and I have been verbally > assaulted multiple times for playing at parks without masks. In one > instance, a woman with two children whose faces were obscured by large > black masks came lumbering toward us, screaming “People are ” >

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