Statistics and Studies

New York Times Tells Students To Stop Researching, Stop Thinking Deeply

In a February 2021 New York Times article “Don’t Go Down the Rabbit Hole,” Charlie Warzel interviews pseudointellectual professor Michael Caulfield who proposes a new way to dumb down American college students: Convince them to stop researching and stop thinking… Read More ›

The Science Behind Vaccine Safety

***Our goal is to compile a comprehensive list of the valid scientific research behind vaccine safety and side effects. We will publish comments that include links to relevant studies from their direct sources (not media articles or opinion). Let’s empower mothers and patients… Read More ›

Is all food created equally?

Mark Bittman’s recent column in the New York Times, “Which Diet Works?” asks an unpopular question:  Could the prevailing diet wisdom of the last several decades — ie. to eat low-fat food in order to lose weight — be wrong?… Read More ›


The United States is facing an unprecedented crisis in public health. Americans are more ill than they have ever been in history. Recent studies predict that by 2020, more than 80 percent of American men and more than 70 percent of American… Read More ›