Health Model

Wellness & Equality supports a back-to-basics health model.

Get back to the basics. Your body was built to consume food, not chemicals.

Start reading ingredients. Think about the quality of your food, not the quantity of it. 

Stop reading calories. 

Stop paying attention to grams of fat. 

Ignore package claims.

Here’s a simple secret food manufacturers don’t want you to know:

The fewer ingredients, the better.  

Here’s another: The less packaging, the better. 

Learn where your food comes from.

If you have the means:

Buy pesticide-free. 

Buy hormone-free.

Buy cage-free.  

Buy organic. 

Buy wild. 

Grow your own. 

Can food heal you? There’s only one way to find out.

Life is short enough without health problems. Choose to improve your health nowAnd then spread the word.  Together, we can change the nation.

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