Dasani Bottled Water Has 4 Ingredients: Tap Water, Known Teratogen, Lethal Drug, and Salt

Dasani Coca-Cola

I remember the first time I tasted Dasani bottled water. It was 2004 and I was at a gym in Orange County, California. The drinking fountain at the gym was out of order so I purchased a bottle of water from a vending machine. I cracked open that lid and—YUCK! I had never tasted water so disgusting. Who knew water could have such a strong taste? At the time, I assumed my taste buds were off and eventually I drank Dasani bottled water again… always with the same reaction. Gross! I’ve finally learned my lesson. Unless I’m extremely parched, I would rather remain thirsty than drink Dasani. While everyone’s bodies are different, I personally have a visceral reaction to Dasani. After drinking Dasani, my stomach sometimes hurts and I almost always have terrible dry mouth. Have you noticed any of these side effects after drinking Dasani?

Years later, during a trip to Costco, I noticed that Costco brand Kirkland Signature water lists several ingredients added “for taste.” Out of curiosity, I drank the water and—light bulb!—there was that familiar, metallic Dasani taste. It seemed clear to me that Costco and Dasani had shared water “recipes.” When I noticed that Costco brand water had multiple ingredients in addition to water, I wondered if Dasani had additives as well. What I learned surprised me. Not only does Dasani water have additives, but these additives are known to cause much more than dry mouth and abdominal pain. These chemicals can, at high levels, cause birth defects and death.

Dasani bottled water contains four ingredients: tap water, magnesium sulfate, potassium chloride, and salt. The Dasani label claims these ingredients are added for taste, and while that may be true, these ingredients change a lot more than taste. Do you know what’s really in your bottled water? 

Dasani Ingredient #1: Tap Water. It’s no secret that Dasani, which is owned by Coca-Cola, bottles tap water. In general, I have no problem drinking tap water. Although tap water often tastes noticeably different from spring water, I acknowledge that drinking tap water is an environmentally conscious choice…. but bottling tap water?! That seems to defeat the purpose. If you’re going to drink tap water, drink it from the tap.

Dasani Ingredient #2: Magnesium Sulfate. AKA Epsom Salts or Bath Salts. FDA Pregnancy Category D Teratogen, Drying Agent, and Laxative. On its own, anhydrous magnesium sulfate is a drying agent. (Side note: Could this explain the strange dry mouth I experience after drinking Dasani water? It’s ironic that Coca-Cola has added a “drying agent” to a beverage that is intended to quench thirst. If trace amounts of magnesium sulfate residue remain on your tongue after you drink a bottle of water, making it difficult to quench your thirst, it seems reasonable to question whether this might encourage you to purchase another bottle of water or perhaps a soft drink, either of which would benefit Coca-Cola. Could this be a dangerous ploy from the marketing masterminds at Coca-Cola?) In addition, magnesium sulfate has many powerful purposes in medicine. Off label, it has been used to delay labor by inhibiting uterine contractions in pregnant women. However, this practice is declining because recent studies show that magnesium sulfate causes birth defects at high doses. After studies suggested that just 5-7 days of in utero exposure to high doses of magnesium sulfate caused birth defects, the FDA recommended that magnesium sulfate be classified as a Category D Teratogen. Coca-Cola would probably prefer that the many pregnant women drinking Dasani water don’t know that an ingredient in their water can, at high doses, affect unborn babies. So what exactly happens to the babies of mothers who are exposed to high doses of intravenous magnesium sulfate? After just 5-7 days, exposed babies experienced bone structure changes and weaker bones. For these reasons, magnesium sulfate is now listed as a known teratogen (Pregnancy Category D) with positive evidence of human fetal risk, according to the FDA. Yes, Dasani water lists a known teratogen as an ingredient. As with any chemical, the dose makes the poison, but I personally choose to avoid water with additives. You can learn more about the FDA’s position here. One more thing: Magnesium sulfate is known to have a “bitter taste.” So why is Coca-Cola adding it to their already foul-tasting water?

Dasani Ingredient #3: Potassium Chloride. FDA Pregnancy Category C. Potassium chloride is commonly used as a fertilizer, but it’s also used in lethal injections to stop the heart and, in some cases, in late trimester abortions to stop the heart of the fetus. Interestingly, potassium chloride is known to have a “weak, bitter, unsalty flavor” with a “chemical or metallic aftertaste” which again calls into question how this ingredient could possibly improve the “taste” of poor-tasting Dasani water. If you would like to learn more about the role of potassium chloride in lethal injections, you might be interested Stephen Fox’s article, “Can Ingredients In Dasani Bottled Water Kill You?” over at The Water Filter Lady’s BlogIn addition to possible birth defects, the list of side effects from potassium chloride is endless: bowel lesions, gastrointestinal disruptions, cardiac arrhythmias, muscle weakness, nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea, dyspepsia or heartburn, GI tract bleeding, hypersensitivity, nervous system damage, and more. While potassium and magnesium are found in natural food sources – and are, in their natural forms, vital to the body – anytime you separate a chemical compound from their natural food sources, they may behave differently than they would in their natural forms. That’s why it’s very difficult to overdose on bananas, but much easier to overdose on potassium chloride. That’s also why so few people are able to successfully use processed foods to lose weight and stay healthy. How much potassium chloride is added to Dasani water? Do you trust Coca-Cola and Dasani to make that decision for you?

Dasani Ingredient #4: Salt. As I’ve written before, I believe that table salt gets a poor reputation simply because sodium is added to almost all processed foods. While table salt itself is rarely dangerous, adding unspecified amounts of sodium during “food processing” can absolutely create unnecessary health issues for many people. While one bottle of Dasani water may not have much salt, if you drink six or seven bottles of Dasani water in one day, suddenly the amount could be much higher. That said, the real concerns are magnesium sulfate and potassium chloride.

Dasani is not the only manufacturer selling water with additives. Next time you buy bottled water, take a look at the ingredients. There should only be one: water. 

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  1. Wow – thanks so much for sharing! It’s bad enough that Dasani bottles tap water, but its even worse that they knowingly add ingredients that cause unwanted side effects. I’m never drinking Dasani again!

    • Most bottled water companies bottle their water from tap. If it doesn’t say “bottled at the source” or “natural spring water” it’s tap water! You’ll notice that the bottles of tap water are purified by reverse osmosis and other chemicals are added “for flavor”. There’s very few Natural bottled water companies out there. I don’t think this article should have pin pointed Dasani. Read your bottles… Look at the area where it says “bottled at”… You’ll see, your “spring water” is actually city water that is processed and often has chemicals added.

    • Corporations profit from dirty water. Proof is we are all buying bottled water.

      BLUE COMMUNITY is dealing with bottled water issues.
      See what your local community is doing regarding water bottle waste.

      We’re moving closer to a world with water being the cause of war and becoming an increasingly precious commodity which corrupt governments, corporations and even private investors are scrambling to control it .

  2. Great article! I’m heading right now to read my bottled water label.

    • I just checked the label on the bottled water served at last weekends party. Poland Spring lists eight ingredients; eight specific spring water sources with the name, city and state of each spring, nothing else added. That’s how bottled water should be made. Good Job Poland Spring!

      • Poland Spring has a very dark history too though, taking advantage of town water supplies and running them completely dry, leaving them with nothing, and more or less killing small communities. “Bottlemania”, a book on the subject, is a pretty interesting investigative read…..

      • Buying bottled water, no matter what the ingredients, ultimately interferes with access to water by those with low or no income. There are several reasons for this, one of which is rediced interest you in supporting public water systems by those who can afford to buy corporate supplied bottled water. And the plastic bottles create their own problems! This is about the trend towards privatization of water. We are neglecting our public water supplies while we snap up bottled corporate water. Call your local water utility. Find out how its treated and what the water quality analysis shows. Demand high quality water from the utility. At the very least, put an filter on your tap water supply and stop the purchase of any bottled water. Carry your own stainless steel water bottle!

        • Most municipal water supplies in America are fluorinated. The Lancet recently labeled Fluoride as a neurotoxin. Most filters don’t remove it. And the Fluoride they are adding is a toxic waste byproduct of the fertilizer/aluminum industries. Yummm, I want to drink my local tap water and give it to my children! http://www.thelancet.com/journals/laneur/article/PIIS1474-4422(13)70278-3/fulltext#article_upsell
          And here’s my public water’s quality report from Catoosa County, GA (read page 5 under the Fluoride entry – it says right there “Discharge from fertilizer and aluminum
          factories”). https://www.catoosautility.com/pdf/2013-ccr-web.pdf
          I’d recommend checking yours too, about 80% of public water has toxic waste Fluoride added in the USA. Cheers to your health.

        • People please, question and analyze everything you eat drink buy wear and everything in the commercial world which is an inhuman scam on us. Its all part of the system. Look for, expect, and catch these suspicious hidden scams in all the markets of the commercial system. Money means a lot more than peoples lives and many Corps intend to scam, rob, or poison us us without us knowing. Be wise with everything. I caught that on my own long ago and will never submit to it. I will never pay for bottled water unless a gallon for a decent price. Be smarter then the system! Never pay too much for anything ether.:)

        • Yes even city water has ground chemicals in it, such as arsenic. My research lead me to a reverse osmosis system and that has a very clean & refreshing taste. My R.O. company says drink only distilled or & R.O. for purity. He said for every one good ground mineral there are 10 bad. and you can find portable R.O. systems on-line.

      • anyone that drinks any kind of bottled water is stupid. especially spring water. the bottling of spring water is terrible for the envirement. the springs are not full of an endless supply of water. the lake my family lives on went down 10 inches within the first year of a well known spring water company that started pumping the springs near the lake. these companies take our natural resources triple the cost and sell it back to us. unless you live in a toxic waste dump, your tap water at your house is more safe, and cheaper to drink than bottled water. the public has been lied to, and stolen from.

        • Very true, 1 Timothy 6:10 says “For the love of money is a root of all sorts of injurious things, and by reaching out for this love some have been led astray from the faith and have stabbed themselves all over with many pains”.

    • Oh boy, I always buy Dasani, I read the front label which says “reverse osmosis”. We drink reverse osmosis water at home. I had no idea there would be ingredients added to filtered water, I am disgusted with this company. I will no longer be purchasing this product, ever and for the record coke either. Thank you so much for this information.
      What a deceitful company this is.

  3. Ive been drinking for awhile will baby and I be ok? It’s been maybe a month in a half I am
    4 month?

    • Hi Tia, thanks for your comment. I, too, drank Desani bottled water during early pregnancy before I read the ingredients. My belief is that we are exposed to many toxins during normal life and the best thing we can do is to try to limit our exposure to toxins whenever possible. For this reason, I chose to seek out a new source of water without additives. I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy!

    • Yes, your baby will just fine. Please don’t be worried about your baby because of this! This article was well written but poorly researched. There are beneficial aspects to these electrolyte additives, and absolutely zero negative effects at those dosages. She took an FDA study on the use of Mag Sulfate max dosage for more than 5 days to stop pre-term labor (something Mag sulfate is not indicated for) and used that to say that it was bad for you. It is classified category A pregnancy risk and is perfectly safe, the study she cited “recommended” a D classification because of the cumulative effects of 30g a day for 5+ days, but did not change it’s actual classification. This is something you can never achieve with Dasani. Potassium chloride is also a natural electrolyte. It’s the same stuff in bananas, and in conjunction with sodium it helps your heart to beat. The lethal dose of potassium chloride is 2500mgs per kilogram of body weight. You will die of water poisoning before you will have negative affects from any of the added electrolytes.

      I do agree with the author, however, that the taste of the additives is not for me. I prefer Water without any additives for taste.

      • For people who have GI issues to begin with or food intolerances, these added ingredients do cause GI upset. Just went through this last week. My dd was sick for 2 days after drinking Dansini water. Nauseated, dizzy and loose stools. Her vacation was partially ruined because of it. Even though the amount or dosages fall within potentially safe limits, these are for adults who have NO history of GI issues. The FDA and no one else seems to care about how these added ingredients are affecting people who do have a history of GI issues and when it comes to small children, it’s a double whammy as their tolerance levels are even less. People don’t think to check the bottled waters, so I appreciate your article, and more and more companies are producing purified water and then adding these man-made minerals back in.

      • I would say don’t buy it again. No reason to have those manmade minerals in there. Buy 100% spring water. My dd got sick for 2 days after drinking 2 16 ounce bottles of it. She was nauseated, dizzy, couldn’t eat, and had horrible GI issues. Everyone is different on what their bodies can tolerate, and even if there are no risks to your baby, I wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole again. Plus, they are putting corn in the plastic bottles and I don’t trust the corn industry and their processing plants at all. The chemicals they use in processing their ingredients are not good and involve alot of harsh acidic chemicals. These can leach into the plastic bottles especially when left out in the sun or heat. if you ever watch those people unload those trucks, you can see the stacks of bottled water just sitting out in the sun while the trucks are getting unloaded and also if their truck is not cooled in the back area, that heat will make the plastic start leaching chemicals.

    • You will be fine. This article makes it sound very scary, but the amount of these elements is very low. I agree that it is important was pay close attention to the ingredients in our foods, but you don’t need to be worried by this. Any water you drink (unless it is distilled, which is not meant for drinking) will have trace minerals in it. They actually help fulfill your dietary requirements.

      Instead, think about the amount of trash you’re producing by drinking bottled water, and how that will affect your children in the future.

      If you are concerned about what is in your tap water, have it tested. If you don’t like the taste, buy a water filter. You will save money and the environment at the same time.

  4. They add minerals yes, but I feel it’s misleading to say it’s just “tap” water. They use tap water and then use a Reverse Osmosis filter on it.

  5. There are some half-truths and some outright lies in this. According to the FDA info on magnesium sulfate, it is completely safe, pregnancy safety category A. The article wrongly states it is Category C. Magnesium sulfate is also very routinely given during pregnancy for premature labor to help stop contractions and is a very important, naturally occurring electrolyte in the body.

    And according to the information on potassium chloride, it is in fact Category C, which means that no human studies have ever been done to determine the risks, not that it is unsafe. Remember, potassium and chloride are both normal and vital electrolytes in the body. Not to mention that you take in more potassium eating a banana than is found in bottled water.

    • Hi Sean, thanks for your comment. I’m always happy to back up anything in my articles by sharing my sources. According to the FDA website, magnesium sulfate is currently listed as Category D, not Category A. Here is some more information for you that comes directly from the FDA: http://www.fda.gov/Safety/MedWatch/SafetyInformation/SafetyAlertsforHumanMedicalProducts/ucm354603.htm You are correct that, in the past, magnesium sulfate was sometimes prescribed “off label” to pregnant women who were experiencing preeclampsia or eclampsia, both life-threatening conditions. However, this practice carries risks. The FDA explains that this off-label use of magnesium sulfate “may lead to low calcium levels and bone problems in the developing baby or fetus, including thin bones (osteopenia), and fractures. The shortest duration of treatment that can result in harm to the baby is not known.” The FDA also writes, “Pregnancy Category D means there is positive evidence of human fetal risk, but the potential benefits from using the drug in pregnant women may be acceptable in certain situations despite its risks.”

      To me, ingesting a chemical that shows “positive evidence of human fetal risk” is not acceptable in any situation that is not life threatening – especially when you can simply choose to drink water that doesn’t contain these additives! 🙂

      Choosing what to put into your body is a personal choice, but I think it’s very important to be informed about what you’re ingesting, and to have conversations about these topics – especially when there are alternatives.

      • As a Paramedic (I also have an L&D nurse as a cousin) I can tell you that Mag Sulfate is quite regularly used for pregnant women with hypertension, pre-ecclampsia, Ecclampsia, and siezures. I can also tell you it is used in asthma patients as a smooth muscle relaxer to help open up their lungs. Still, it’s not being included in the water as a medication. Magnesium Sulfate, Potassium Chloride, and Sodium Chloride are all vital electrolytes our body needs to survive. Those are not for flavor as much as they are for replenishing electrolytes. Everything from Gatorade to Smart Water have those as ingredients. The author of this article should have done research on dosage when listing the side effects of these electrolytes. There is an LDL for everything… too much of anything is a bad thing, but no matter how much Dasani you drink the trace electrolytes in the water aren’t going to give you Hypermagnesia, Hyperkalemia, or Hypertension.

        • Hi James, thanks for your comment. The Dasani bottle clearly states that these minerals are “added for taste.” Dasani bottled water is not marketed as a sports drink or as electrolyte water; it’s simply marketed as water, which is misleading. For health-conscious individuals who actively choose to avoid food additives and who choose not to drink soda, sports drinks, or so-called “enhanced” water, Dasani’s quiet inclusion of these additives is concerning. If you’re comfortable consuming sodas and sports drinks, that’s your personal choice. However, if you believe you’re purchasing and drinking pure water when you purchase a bottle of Dasani, that’s false. By not mentioning these additives on the front of their packaging, Dasani is misleading consumers. The real question is why Dasani has chosen to add these chemicals to their water? Dasani claims they are added “for taste,” but since all of these chemicals have an unpleasant taste on their own, that claim seems questionable. I believe it’s important to ask questions about what we put in our bodies.

      • Also, as a side note, I’ve read the FDA report you linked @ http://www.fda.gov/Safety/MedWatch/SafetyInformation/SafetyAlertsforHumanMedicalProducts/ucm354603.htm so I’d like to comment on that as well. The FDA is listing the “off-label” status as a treatment to postpone labor. That is not an FDA approved action of the medication. This treatment should not go on for more than 5-7 days, says the FDA… well, that would be a very rare case indeed. The dosage of Mag Sulfate for a pregnant woman is 4g at a time with a max of 30g in a day. The FDA is suggesting that giving a pregnant woman 30g a day for 5-7 days MAY have risks… well, really? No shit. Dasani likely has less than a microgram in a bottle of water – which is 1/1000 of a milligram. This FDA report is talking about upwards of 150 grams. That would take a lot of water to accomplish…

        • Hi James, nowhere does the Dasani packaging state how much of these additives are included in each bottle of water. It’s important for consumers to decide whether they trust Dasani, which is owned by Coca-Cola, to decide what levels of these additives are safe. As we know, Coca-Cola and other large food manufacturers don’t necessarily have a track record of making safe choices for the American people. The question remains: Why not use pure water, with no additives?

      • Great response!

        • “Pure” water with no additives is called DISTILLED WATER. Two parts hydrogen, one part oxygen. Ever taken a drink of it. It tastes gross. Things are added to neutralize that taste. Humans were drinking water before we were walking upright. We evolved drinking water that wasn’t “pure”. Try finding spring water without trace amounts of minerals in nature. Impossible.

      • When these nutrients are INJECTED into a person at high dosages, that’s when they are dangerous. Big difference between injecting or ingesting. Same could be said of anything you might eat or drink. If you tried injecting blueberries or tofu into your veins,it would be life threatening.

      • When it comes to electrolytes, wellness guy, you have no idea what you are talking about. I don’t care if no one ever buys another bottle of Dasani — it’s a pointless concept — but that doesn’t mean that you get to play fast and loose with biomedical facts just to smear the brand. The water is marketed as “water,” not as “distilled water” or equivalent. Go drink distilled water, which has virtually no minerals, and tell me what you think. It tastes awful. And it’s unhealthy to drink distilled water as your regular beverage, since it lacks such vital minerals as calcium, potassium, and magnesium. In fact (look it up), studies show that those who drink soft water are less healthy than those who drink hard water.

        You have absolutely no idea which nutrients are vital, and what effect dosage has. You think that if something, even a vital nutrient, is toxic given in massive doses, then its’ toxic, period. That is a thoroughly ignorant perspective. You ought to be ashamed of yourself. You are in way over your head commenting about nutrition.

        Water, in large enough doses, will kill you. Look up hyponatremia. But then, you probably think sodium is a toxin. Ooooh, ions! Sounds so chemical-y!

      • This listed page is now removed from the FDA’s site. I know they have tons of articles and information, but it should have directed or redirected me to an “archived” link, but it didn’t. I guess once EPA is reduced to nothing and eventually eliminated along with the FDA and other federal agencies, big business will have martial (law) control over human life! Everything good had its alter evil and things are done slowly to control or reduce humanity to a select group. It doesn’t take a conspiracy theorist or whatever to see the signs!

    • Didn’t the FDA/Dr’s also say that smoking while pregnant was ok at one time?

    • “According to the FDA”? That bastion of Big Pharma that refuses to release cannabidiol (CBD) to providers and the public, although the federal gov owns the patent for this non-psychoactive marijuana derivative that is antitumor, antimetastasis and also anti-epileptic/anti-spastic? FDA is nothing but Big Pharma’s tool—BOUGHT by the revolving door drug companies that do NOT want their toxic chemo and other drugs, from which they make BILLION$ each year, supplanted by non-toxic CBD. I take anything FDA says with a grain of salt—no, a mountain of it.

    • Your really gonna trust the words of a government run organization like the FDA?

  6. Any suggestions on safe bottled water?

    • Hi Summer, thanks for your question. Experts have many different views on the safest water to consume. Delving into the research would require a much longer post, which I hope to tackle in the future. In the meantime, my best suggestion is to always read the list of ingredients – whether you’re purchasing water or any other packaged food. When it comes to bottled water, there should only be one ingredient: water 🙂

      • I’m from the UK and it does seem our food and drink is a lot more often policed than generally in the US in fact I don’t believe Dasani is actually even on sale here because of these concerns – though we’re getting adulterated foodstuffs information coming out in the media at the moment, supermarket cooking oils and spices being the ones we are being told about though however anyone on minimum income can manage to feed themselves and their families a healthy diet whilst in full-time work and not having access to anywhere to grow their own foods I don’t know

  7. My husband just brought this to my attention today because I have figured out that if I drink Desani water I get a UTI or just a lot of discomfort. I thought I was going crazy until my sister said her mother-in-law can’t drink it either for the same reasons. I was just wondering if anyone else that has read this has had this problem?

    • Thanks for your comment, Tracy. I’m glad you were able to discover that pattern. Many readers are arriving at this article after searching for “Dasani” and a physical side effect (“dry mouth,” “stomach pain,” etc.) It’s so important to have forums where we can share our concerns and get to the bottom of these questions. Readers, please feel welcome to share your experiences.

    • I had a terrible UTI for the last 2 weeks on and off. Thought I had kidney stone. Last month I started buying Dasani water because our dollar store had been running a special on it. Got several cases. That was all I has been drinking. Before then I has been drinking just tap water. Makes you wonder??

      • I drink Dasani all the time, as does my girlfriend. Neither of us have health issues. I think everyone is reading way too much into this and it’s all what I refer to as the “placebo effect.”

        • You can drink what you want, the added potassium is not good for people with high blood pressure. I gave it a try and got tired of the dry mouth from the minerals they put in it for that reason. I do not have health issues because of bottled water and I like the taste of Dasani.

      • Don’t eat or drink anything from a Frick ing dollar store in the first place. Is your health and well being a dollar store to you?

    • There should be no reason that you should be having a “uti” after drinking water of any kind considering that most UTI’s are a result of e coli.

    • I have a bladder condtion that flares with potassium so it is possible you are sensitive to the potassium.

  8. “Next time you buy bottled water…” should be never. You should avoid supporting to the manufacture and waste-stream of the plastics industry at all costs. Literally, a last resort.
    Here’s a tip: buy a water bottle, flask, or canteen for anywhere between $1.00-$30.00 — depending on if you want to go to a thrift store, or get fancy with it at REI. Fill it at home.
    If you did all that correctly, you haven’t given a single dollar to Coca Cola or Nestle.
    Good luck.

    • Thanks for this tip, Cal. The quality of tap water varies widely by region but I agree that if you have access to quality tap water, then using a reusable canteen is an environmentally conscious choice. I’m hoping to write a more detailed article on healthy, environmentally conscious drinking choices very soon.

      • If it’s something that you care about (for instance, if you were a person that bought bottled water for reasons of presumed “quality”) it is not difficult to purify whatever tap water you have with the investment of a filter, or series of filters. There are options that remove heavy metals, fluoride, everything you don’t want, really. If you don’t think you can afford it, think about how it compares to your yearly purchases of bottled water.
        People that are convinced with clever marketing techniques and labels showing pristine mountain streams are almost invariably getting duped into paying many times more than what the actual product costs to make – whether it’s Evian or the Kirkland discount brand. Without getting into the details and numbers, we should understand that the bottled water industry is among the most unnecessary waste cycles imaginable.

      • only problem I have is that I can taste the metal in steel canteens so I reuse bottled water bottles to carry with me when I’m out – I know it’s not good because possibly the chemicals in the bottles would leach out, even though I only use them up to the sell by date on the bottle here in the UK they don’t seem to have glass or ceramic equivalents however and if they did I would wonder if they could survive the rough and tumble of shopping trollies and daybags

    • Not everyone has quality tap. I will stick with Ozarka spring water.

  9. I don’t drink Dasani. I try to always drink only bottled spring water when I’m out or tap water when I’m home. I’ve recently discovered FRED water. It comes in these cute little “pocket friendly” bottles & look basically like a flask.

  10. I’ll never drink it again…

  11. I drink water a lot. I drink bottled water only when alternatives not available. I filter my tap water at home and take (2) twenty ounce bottles with me when I leave the house. Why risk your water quality to others… including your local tap water provider? Most of us brush our teeth with fluoride tooth paste. Do we really need to ingest it in our drinking water? What are the levels of poisons and carcinogens in your tap water? Test it. Filter your own water. Stop contributing to landfills with unnecessary plastic bottles.


  12. I took a continuing ed class on effects of soda pop on teeth which also added Dasani and Aqua Fina to the list. Both waters have additives that alter the pH to 4.9 which makes it acidic. Critical pH of teeth is 5.0 before it dissolves enamel. So these “waters” will also increase tooth deca

    • My sister did a science project on which liquids dissolve teeth. It was not surprising to find that Coca Cola nearly dissolved the entire tooth. What WAS surprising was that milk dissolved the tooth completely and faster than Coca Cola did.
      HINT: dont trust anything…. just brush your teeth.

    • The pH of a mixed greens salad is about 5 before adding a dressing that will almost certainly include some sort of vinegar. pH of cottage cheese is under 5.0, pH of most fruits are well under 5 (Apples are under 4). Your saliva will bring the pH of water up over 5.0 in seconds, Julie.

    • I laughed when Coca-Cola and Pepsi were sued for importing BOTH THEIR BOTTLED WATERS into Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, and Texas, that was contaminated with high levels of arsenic! U.S. News and World Report had done a story of how high the arsenic levels were in the Norman, Oklahoma water supply. I knew that an independent bottler for BOTH was filling Disante and Aqua Fina from the local water supply without any filtration or treatment. The reason I knew this is, I was trying to sell our water treatment system to the bottler, which would have made the water the healthiest water available, the year before. Yep. Our treatment system would have saved them, in the neighborhood of, $1 MILLION DOLLARS! HAHAHA!

    • Can you tell us what these additives are? Either you remember incorrectly, or your instructor had no idea what he was talking about. Some sodas, such as colas, add phosphoric acid, which brings down the pH. Carbonation turns the water in soda into dilute carbonic acid.

      Bottled water is not carbonated. If it is (like Pellegrino or Perrier), then it’s carbonated or sparkling water. None of those things are added to Dasani or any other simple bottled water.

      That is not an endorsement of bottled water, which is an absurd concept for all but the few that have actual problems with their local water supply.

      So much misinformation. So much.

  13. I only drink pure spring water, Poland Springs. I tried the filtered tap water, and got the same reaction – gross!

  14. Use a clean canteen and fill it with reverse osmosis water. Save $$$ and the enviroment.

  15. Costco water has neither magnesium sulfate nor potassium chloride (potassium bicarbonate and magnesium oxide instead). I’m skeptical of the assertions without many references, but I suppose the peer reviewed studies can speak for themselves.

  16. I actually ended up admitted to the hospital with severe dehydration after 4 days of drinking dasani. I had a kidney infection and was told by my doctor to drink a lot of water. I bought a case of dasani and drank it like it was going out of style. I became even sicker and when my doctor admitted me she scolded me for not following her advice. I told her I had drank nothing but water and held up my bottle. She replied with “oh no not that water” and began telling me about the ingredients. After 3 full bags of IV fluids I was actually able to pee. I will never drink it again.

    • I was a teacher and was having severe coughing spells making it impossible to teach my class. I saw a ear nose and throat specialist who put a camera through my nose and down my throat to check for lesions/ growths. He briefly put me on the “purple pill” which I took only briefly. I realized finally that the coughing always happened after drinking Dasani water. I always check now to be sure I am drinking only spring water. So many times I’ll be out somewhere and thirsty and the only thing available is Dasani! It is so aggravating!

  17. Very interesting article. Where we live the tap water has a taste that is not pleasant to our taste buds. We have used a few different bottles that have filters with them. I have also filtered the water at the faucet and put in an under cabinet water filter, Aquasana, which tastes extremely good. I started doing this after we moved from the country to the city. In the country we had well water which tasted very good. A couple of the bottles we have used have purifying filters in them, which makes the flow very slow, but the taste is extremely close to what we had in the well water. Our favorite is the Seychelles filtered. Note that for the well water, we had a system to filter out the sand before it got to any of the faucets or to the water heater. We really do not like buying bottled water because we find that none of them taste good and then there is the problem of the bottle disposal, which we sent to recycle. Even when we travel and need to buy a bottle of water, we save the bottle until we get home so we can recycle it. All of our traveling now is by car since we retired. We do keep one case of bottled water stored away in case of emergency, and it is a grocery store brand. We have tried Dasani in the past, but are not fond of it at all.

  18. Come on People its Many of the big names and some of the small ones. I own a Bottle water Company in the Northeast and these things you read are true to a great extent . My company has been doing bottle water over 115 years and I want to tell you its had to compete with the big boys. We do not do single serve bottles as a small company can not operate on 1 penny profit and compete with there huge numbers. The customer has to take it upon themselves to know what they put in there bodies, its not only drinking water but its all the other product made with that water. We are talking huge numbers of products.
    Learn who is local to you and take the time to call and ask the good guys, there out there. Best of luck

  19. Wow!!! When I was growing up and we got thirsty we drank from the garden hose if we didn’t want to waste time going inside while we were playing. We grew up healthy our mom’s had babies, we all drank tap water. The whole idea of bottled water is genius. Convince people that their municipal water is “bad” so they buy water bottles filled with municipal water. Now the water company’s make money, corporations make money and we, the consumers are falling for this! My mother and my grandparent were happy to have whatever water they could get, wells, rivers, streams. My mom was 96 when she died. How utterly stupid can people be?

  20. Check out Poland Spring as well

  21. i always read ingredients but never looked into what they were. thanks for the insight. i have always been leary of what is in our tap water already. wondering if you have ever looked into the effects of sodium benzoate and citric acid found in most soft drinks and juice drinks inc sunny d and kool aid and most drinks aimed at pleasing kids. it causes luekemia.

  22. Have any of you read a municipal water report? Had tap water, river water, well water, spring water etc analyzed? I do all the time. Many of the minerals mentioned above (which almost always exist as salts) are in solution as well as many others; further, they often exist in much greater concentrations than Dassani, or any other corp, would want to put into their water because of cost and taste. Much of the midwest has extremely “hard” water – has lots of minerals – usually measured as magnesium and calcium. Parts of the UK and the northern midwest here in the US can have nearly 200 ppm.

  23. The relationship between water hardness and mortality from cardiovascular disease has been studied for more than 40 years. The association was first described in Japan,1 where a significant correlation between drinking water quality and mortality from cerebrovascular disease was found. Subsequently, a number of studies conducted in various countries have demonstrated a negative association between cardiovascular disease mortality and water hardness…


  24. I find it interesting that this article about nasty drinking water is being brought to us by a company whose food doesn’t go bad even after months and even years. Also, I just happened to have a bottle of Dasani sitting on my table. I hadn’t finished it and now maybe I know why. Yep, it has all that stuff in it, except the water is “purified”. LOL

  25. It always made my nose itch like crazy when I drank it like I was allergic to it. So never again! Thanks for the info…makes sense now!

  26. Well that makes sense. I could never stand the taste of it but people always thought
    i was just being weird.

  27. Lets not forget that TAP WATER has FLOURIDE which adds a whole new level of dangerous to what you’re drinking. While flouride does occur naturally in nature in scant amounts, Im not talking about natural fluoride, but ‘leftovers from the fertilizer industry’ flouride. Flouride is a skull and crossbones poison itself and in cases of overdose can kill you. One tube of flouridated toothpaste is enough to kill three kids if they eat it and don’t get medical attention. ONE TUBE. I really feel fluoride is to blame for the rise in Althiemers and especially AUTISM in our children. Babies get 8 ounce bottles of formula all day long. Its all they consume for the first 6 months of life. and if you buy nursery water, it has fluoride too! I really think our citizens are being overdosed on fluoride since its in EVERYTHING made with public water. what we cook at home, and what we buy at the store.Our dentists make us swish with the poison, and then its in our toothpaste, and in mouthwashes and now in our dental floss and they sell it in drops which people are suckered into buying…. WAAAAAY too much fluoride going into our bodies!! Nobody else seems to care except me….

    • I do hope you realize that spelling fluoride (the anionic form of elemental fluorine) wrong every single time in your comment severely diminishes your credibility…

    • I agree with you 100%. Fluoride is frightening, and people are so accustomed to what has been drilled into them through advertising that they can’t entertain any other thought. I found out about the dangers of fluoride a few years ago and immediately checked our public water, thank goodness I found it was NOT fluoridated. My pediatrician used to always want me to give my kids fluoride too, because for all except a 4 year time span we have had well water. I always refused and I’m glad I did! I had well water my entire childhood and I remember when I was young that we had friends who had fluoridated their household well water and my mother always thought it was not good…she was right, even back in the eighties!! The fact that fluoride is bad for us is not new news, but it sure is hard to get that through to people.

  28. Honestly, those things are added to counteract the plastic taste and signs that the water has probably been warehoused for a long time.

  29. I hope everyone here realizes a couple things.
    1. The water you drink from the tap is water you or someone else shit in many times already.
    2. Trace chemicals are allowed at certain levels and are still present in the water you drink. (some sources have detectable amounts of birth control) Make women use out houses?
    3. The chemicals used to “clean” your water are still present when you drink it. You are not just drinking water.

    Do you people know anything?

    • Good point. Not to mention, 6 years ago, my dad was in intensive care at the hospital and I watched nurses dump unused amounts of drugs down the sink in his room over and over. Blood thinners like heparin, etc…Multiply that happening all over the place and consider that the water is then processed and recycled back to your kitchen sink. There’s no telling what ya get !!

    • Not true. From where did you get that info?? Mine comes from reservoirs in the Sierras that catch snow melt. Tap water cannot legally be recycled from sewer water unless people are notified. Do you know anything?

  30. Dasani water was the only bottled water I drank while I was pregnant and my child was born with a heart defect… I can’t help but to wonder if this is actually what caused it.

    • It’s sad when a child is born with such a disability and my heart goes out to you. Epilepsy made my life difficult for many years.

      But unfortunately there are a zillion things that could have caused your baby yo have this problem, ranging from genetics to foetal environment to simple random chance.There’s just no way to tell.

    • Makes me wonder too! I was on mag sulfate with my oldest daughter (now almost 9) and she is so tiny and does have a heart murmur still. She’ll be 9 in a couple weeks and is between 46-48 pounds. Yes, she was early but she is so tiny and frail that I can’t help but wonder. Kinda makes me want to look up my medical records and see how long I was on the mag sulfate when I was in the hospital. I was there for 6 days before she was even born.

    • HIGHLY unlikely. Many children are born with heart defects and other birth defects who never drink Dasani water. In fact, I’m not aware of anything in that water that is connected with heart defects.

      We should resist the temptation to impose patterns where none exists.

  31. Glad I grew up on well water. I was listening to Coast to Coast last weekend and the doctor on their who has done extensive research on thyroid issues said the flouride in our water does horrible things to our thyroid. He also pointed out that our tooth decay rate isn’t any lower than Canada and they don’t add flourideto their water.

  32. If you really want to drink bottled water, there is a company that does it right…
    Voss from Norway bottles the water directly from the natural spring, directly into glass bottles. No more plastic taste and chemical additives, and the water to begin with is among the purest springs in the world. If you dont mind the price, Voss is the way to go.

    • I was actually drinking Voss while reading this article and the only ingredient listed is “Artesan Water”. I love it because it’s the only water that has NO taste… Which is what I think water should be.

  33. There are many errors in this article. For one, spring water IS tap water. The term is just a marketing word used to justify the price of bottled water.

  34. I would just like to know what is the safer or best bottled water to drink ?

    • The only bottled water I can drink without having adverse effects is I Ice Mountain. I don’t see any additives listed on the label. Dasani has always made my tongue sting.

    • Sorry Christine…. There is NO “safer” or “best” bottled water. You need to get FRESH RO (reverse osmosis) water and put it in BPA-free containers (like glass)! Beyond the obvious issues with “bottled water,” most articles (like this one) SAY NOTHING about the problems from BPA leaching into the water from the plastic containers!
      BPA = KNOWN HORMONE DISRUPTER! Hormone disrupters are a much greater risk than anything this article discusses! Research Bisphenol A and Phthalates!

  35. I wish I could drink our tap water but we have a water softner. i do not want the salt in my body. Plus the water quality in our town is poor. What should I drink……..I love water! Not pop. Should I drink poland springs? Help

  36. Wow very interesting!! And if i use a water filter like brita , might there be residues of the filter’s ingredients in the water?

  37. What water do you drink?

  38. Plus, Coca-Cola gives tens of thousands of dollars to defeat GMO-labeling initiatives here in the United States! Not my fav company!

  39. Take water, sometimes just plain ol’ tap water, from one part of the country, put it into environmentally unfriendly plastic bottles, and ship it on diesel trucks to other parts of the country where the local water source is perfectly fine. Makes sense to me. And for only $8/gallon, as opposed to the $.01 per 5 gallons of tap, it’s also economically sensical.

  40. Any bottled water that is sold as “purified” water is basically tap water with added ingredients for purification and taste

  41. All of the additives are salts. There are three cations added, potassium, magnesium and sodium. All three are essential to our physiology, and all three are found in spring water, tap water, well water, etc. The quantity of mag sulfate used to delay labor is massive, many orders of magnitude greater than what you could ever get from Dasani. The same goes for the quantity of KCl used to stop the heart. Also, anhydrous mag sulfate is a drying agent, not dissolved mag sulfate. Once it’s dissolved it’s fully hydrated. It won’t give you dry mouth. I still don’t think you should drink Dasani though, because your tap water is most likely perfectly fine.

    Here are the quantities of the cations present in Dasani:
    Mg: 0.15 mg
    K: 0.84 mg
    Na: 0.5 mg
    Those are very tiny amounts of each, with correspondingly small amounts of the anions (chloride, sulfate).

    A pregnant woman with pre-eclampsia can receive more than 45,000 times the amount of magnesium in a cup of Dasani in a single day.

    It takes more than 4,000 times the amount of potassium present in a cup of Dasani to kill someone–delivered all at once, intravenously.

    The amount of sodium present is well below the concentration in your own saliva or blood, thus could never make you thirsty.

    So, don’t avoid Dasani because it is full of harmful chemicals, because that just isn’t true. Avoid it because it’s wasteful and way more expensive than your (most likely) perfectly fine tap water.

  42. Why haven’t any of you mentioned a high grade filter and a water machine? It’s a technology made in Japan,I will take this with me on my trips and vacations,because I don’t trust bottled water!

  43. I so enjoyed reading your article!! Fantastic job of calling our attention to the water we drink, that nourishes our bodies. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and research. I love your style of writing and look forward to reading more!

  44. I have been saying this to all my friends & family for yrs! LOVE THIS!!!

  45. First time I drank this I was at Walt Disney world. I swore it had something in it to make you thirsty so you would buy more. I will only drink it if there is nothing else.

  46. Before everyone gets in a tizzy thinking they hurt their baby please take a look at the back of a prenatal vitamin. Potassium and magnesium!!!!!! Relax.

  47. After reading your piece about Dasani, I made a conscious effort to read the ingredients of my favorite local mineral water. Here’s what I found:Calcium, Magnesium, Nitrates, Sulphate, Potasium and Ph. Are these minerals safe to drink?

  48. Bottled water with ingredients gives me asthma-like symptoms. ALWAYS read the label — there is no reason to add ingredients to water — none whatsoever.

  49. Thanks for sharing. That is why water purifier is getting so important now.

  50. I looked at the ingredients & its purified water not tap water

  51. The irony in this article is that when speaking of teratogens, he uses the term “unborn babies” but when speaking of late-term abortions he says “fetuses”. The 2 sides of the pro-life vs. pro- choice debate. You can’t have it both ways. People call it a fetus to make themselves feel better about/to downplay abortion as an option. Interesting food for thought not even the point of this article.

  52. Just checked my sam’s bottle and sure enough added ingredients. Won’t be drinking that anymore.

  53. Americans need to read labels. Most “food” is poison in this country.

  54. I can’t even believe that we would even complain about having ANY WATER TO DRINK. How selfish are we as Americans. Go to a third world country who’s drinkable water is hard to come by and and filtration “systems” are constantly damaged and sabatoged. Some of you will say “uuuuuhhh… But I’m American and I could care less about others less fortunate… Bla bla bla” but seriously… Who are we to complain about every little freakin thing that is convenient and handed to us.

  55. Thanks for bringing this to light. I don’t drink Dasani anyway, I always have known that it was just tap water but I didn’t known they put that other stuff in it.

  56. Just so you are all aware. Dasani runs the tap water through the process of reverse osmosis which removes 99.9% of all heavy metals, chlorine, fluoride ect from the water. The additives I agree are unnecessary. If you want to truly drink pure water find yourself a water machine and go buy your water from water depot or Culligan as they also use the reverse osmosis process but do not add anything for “taste”.

  57. I am not sure on the bottled water ( I don’t like the taste) as I boil my water and when cool put in the fridge .. I like it the best .. even when I am away visiting … I try and boil the water first as just drinking the water from that town always leaves an after taste in my mouth …

  58. The heading of this article attracted my attention because two months ago, I ordered from Singapore’s local grocery store, a whole box of Dasani bottled water, (hoping I could give it out to workers who service my apartment or something). When I opened the first two to drink, I was so put off by a very strong taste.. but I’m lousy at describing taste. I thought it was the taste of the bottle’s plastic. Anyway, I couldn’t bring myself to drink the rest of the box of bottles, but I didn’t want to waste the precious water. So I emptied the bottles one by one into my boiling water flask because when used to make a hot drink like Milo, I can’t taste the horrible taste so much anymore. I don’t know if it’s connected to anything you said, but there you go, I’ve decided to stay away from Dasani.

  59. I am so pleased to live in an area where we have numerous artisan wells, best drinking water any where, very cold and refreshing

  60. Almost all of the bottled waters add “minerals for taste”, in fact if you drank deionized water, meaning the trace minerals were taken out, it’s bad for you. It will acts as a solved that takes minerals and nutrients out of your body. Currently there is not actual inspection for bottled water, which means if they say spring water it doesn’t have any guaranty of purity.

  61. Only by spring water

  62. So what’s stopping some clever young chemist from analyzing the water for magnesium and potassium levels and answering the question?

  63. Reblogged this on Skinny on Skin Studio, LLC and commented:
    Interesting article I wanted to share with you today.

  64. I’m not surprised. Dasani is the worst tasting drinking water I have ever drank. I will not buy it ever. It has a bad aftertaste. My husband and I joke about its flavor. Now I know why. Thx for the info.

  65. I am looking at the ingredients in my bottle of Nestle Pure Life and it also lists Magnesium Sulfate.

  66. Be sure and drink Evian bottled water. They’d love your business. And while you’re drinking your Evian bottled water try this little antidote……spell Evian backwards !

  67. I bought a bottle of this water about 8 yrs ago and left it in my car for a couple of hours and when I came out of a store the water had a hairy looking caterpillar floating in it. Never drank it again!!!

  68. Yes, I clearly remember the first time I tasted dasani. I was like what the heck is this stuff??! My tongue actually burned! I felt like I was crazy because I asked others I was with to try it and it didn’t seem to bother them but I definitely knew something was different about that water! I never purchased it again until the last few years I’ve bought it a couple times because I no longer have that reaction anymore… Although I basically avoid buying anything in a plastic bottle whenever possible.

  69. A great article on bottled water but then an add about McDonald’s’…..Really??
    I don’t know which is worse.

  70. Would like you to send me info when available for this was vey interesting. Thank you. No more dasnai water for me and my family.

  71. Please watch the documentaries called ‘Tapped’ and ‘Bottled Life’…Poland Springs has some lies going on. And Voss is yummy 😉 Either way beware of what you put in your body.

  72. Findaspring.com is worth looking into.

  73. How do you know that Dasani is tap water? Would like to read more.

  74. I agree that Dasani water tastes like poison and no sane person would swallow one mouthful of it. I purchased a bottle about four years ago because I was in a shopping mall because Coca Cola owned all the machines with drinks in them. In other words, I was forced to purchase this brand of water due to lack of choice. I took one mouthful and thought I would throw up; I spit it out and trashed the water down one of the mail toilet bowls. One wonders what the real reason is behind the ingredients in this product. After all, Coca Cola is the poster child for multinational-style, globalization politics (read American neo-liberal imperialism here) and its CEO’s – like so many CEO’s – ought to be rotting in jail cells for all the sugar addictions their sodas have caused, all the exacerbation of diseases like ADD and ADHD, to say nothing of the rotten teeth that are caused by drinking sugar laden soft drinks.

  75. Dasani is also very inflammatory to the bladder and the worst water you can drink if you have IC. I seem to do best with Evion.

  76. I learned this the hard way. Bottled Tap water with added minerals for taste really did me in during a 7 day trip. I didn’t put two and two together until later. I sort of appreciate a condition that forces you to eat and drink clean!

  77. Reblogged this on TriceePeacee and commented:
    Welp… no more Dasani for me.

  78. Nowadays, everything is bad for you. People always have something negative to say about everything. The AIR we breath, the water we drink, things we eat, things we were, and so on and so on. Why is it that most bad articles talk about COCA COLA PRODUCTS????? If you ask me, ALL SODAS ARE BAD regardless of their name brand. Why does it have to be COCA COLA and a Coca Cola Product?

  79. I notice that no one has mentioned a Brita pitcher which is what I use and have used gorgeous years. 25 bucks plus a new filter every month or so depending on how much you run through it!

  80. *for years! gotta love auto correct!

    • I too have passed on drinking Dasani for years because I never liked the taste. I prefer Auqufina when I’m away from home. At home I use filtered tap water. I try not to buy much bottled water because I feel these companies are depleting our resources and also creating more plastic to end up in a landfill. I also read info from Canada’s health agency about the effects of potassium chloride in water. Like others have said there is not enough in the water to cause immediate harm, we don’t know the long term issues from it. Also I want to mention they warned about potassium chloride in home water softeners. This could cause a larger consumption of popotassium chloride. Furthermore and maybe the most important is the effects on people who have kidney disease. Their kidneys are not functioning properly and potassium chloride can lead to worse kidney function. So people who have kidney disease should be aware of these negative health issues.

  81. This is exactly why I now drink Perfect Water and have a filtration system on my sink called espring. Do your research on them both. They both are perfect and I decided to be able to see them. Giving people quality products with nothing being held back or hid from the customer.

  82. Great blog , keep me up the good work !

  83. Nice article. Dasani sucks. Plain and simple. Get a whole house water filter… Spend the money. It’s worth it. We use Environmental Water Systems. http://www.ewswater.com
    No more plastic bottles…

  84. There are great alternatives to those like Alkame Water that is from an artesian aquifer and is clinically proven to boost your immune system. If you haven’t tried alkaline water, it is already in stores, but it’s not all the same. About any tap water is going to have chlorine and flouride not to mention everything else. Alkaline water is easily absorbed and carries an ionic charge that cleans up free radicals in your body. Alkame Water has stabilized oxygen that replenishes your cells to give a regenerative youthful physical feeling. And it comes in an eco-friendly bottle. Check it out at Amazon.

  85. After reading all these posts on Dasani Water which I do buy….what water is safe to drink?

  86. Reblogged this on Scrambled Brains & Coffee and commented:
    I picked up a case of Dasani Berry flavored sparkling water the other day when we got groceries. I had a terrible stomach ache last night and this morning. So bad that it kept me in bed until noon today. I had another can today and I now have a stomach ache again. This is the ONLY thing that I have consumed that is different from the normal day to day stuff I eat and drink. After realizing this, I decided to do some research and found this article. I will NOT be drinking any more of this or any other bottled water again. I think I will stick to tap water.

  87. My dad has bought me Costco water for years now and in high school I would get these inexplicable chest pains. I assumed I had diabetes or something that I didn’t know about. But when I went to college I bought a different brand of water and those pains went away. I don’t know what causes those pains but whenever I come back for the summer by the end of it I’m getting those same chest pains.

  88. I have always hated Dasani water. Yesterday I tried Dasani flavored water. My first reaction was it was so salty. I asked if there was salt in it and she said yes. I said I don’t use salt at all so anything with added salt I find overpowering. As far as it being tap water, Nestle Pure Life is actually my tap water. It comes from a spring.

  89. Wow this is really surprising!!!

  90. This is the only water they sell at my school! I can not stand it, I have convinced everyone I know to stop drinking it. I have this theory that if everyone stopped eating processed foods and went all natural, many health problems wouldn’t even exist. What you put into your body is truly what you get out.

    • Like a computer – garbage in, garbage out! Big business does NOT care about human life, just about the almighty dollar! Even if you do research, lobbyist control Congress who control government information and entities. Who’s lying, what’s false/fake is anyone’s guess and they want us guessing and unaware!

  91. The tap water in Munich, Germany tastes like mineral water. It is the best tasting tap water I’ve ever had.

  92. Arrowhead is way better

  93. Back up your claims with facts! Where is your evidence that these items are in Dasani water? I want to see the lab tests. You make claims about what is in the water, and provide ZERO proof of your claims. WHY? Are you trying to generate interest with exaggerated claims? Why would you make such claims without providing your proof?

  94. So what water is the best to buy?

    • In general, what comes out of your tap, unless by assay it’s been shown to contain noxious substances (and I’m not talking about fluoride). Commercial bottled water is generally filtered tap water that’s been bottled and transported across the country, at a great expense of energy (water is heavy), and causing a lot of additional carbon dioxide to be spewed into the atmosphere. And it’s a hell of a lot more expensive than what comes out of your tap.

      An under-the-sink filter system is far cheaper than bottled water.

  95. I love ‘Dasani’ water. Potassium, magnesium, and sodium are electrolytes that our body need to function properly. And like you said people’s body do function differently cuz I love the taste, feel hydrated, I don’t keep feeling thirsty. Also drank this when I was pregnant with my son, nothing went wrong with the pregnancy and my son is very active and healthy 8 year old boy. So cheers to ‘Dasani’. And like you said, its just my opinion.

  96. I believe the bottled water industry is regulated (or we should say not regulated) by the FDA and tap water is regulated and tested regularly by the EPA. I have been preaching this info for years now. Just sayin…….

  97. I just came across this page because I was trying to find out why my body wouldn’t let me drink regular water during pregnancy. In my last pregnancy I tried many different waters and just thought maybe the baby wasn’t too much into h2o. I didn’t give up because when I felt parched, I craved water. A lot of it. So then I decided to give Fiji water a try hesitantly though because Pre-pregnancy, it tasted like river water back in my home country. Like some super clean river water. However during the pregnancy, it tasted amazing and I couldn’t get enough of it. After the pregnancy, I tried to go back to drink regular Walmart brand water and dasani and just the most common waters that are bought at home and I didn’t get nausea from them anymore BUT they tasted like as if I was drinking toilet water after someone did #2. Though I’ve never tasted toilet water before, I’m pretty sure that this is what it must taste like. I also couldn’t drink Dasani and many others in my second pregnancy and 4 years ago with my first pregnancy, I didn’t ever drink water and I never knew about Fiji water’s existence. Or any other water for that matter aside from the most popular ones a lot of people have mentioned here. Just thought I’d mention this here as an interesting bit of info of a pregnant person.


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